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Standard Music Video  – $100

Promotional Trailers – $250

Commercial – $300

Social Media / Dj Service EBlast: $100. per EBlast ( 20,000 Contacts )

How to Submit Video:

Video Title: Artist – Song ( Name/User/Label )

Video Link: Video Description: Thumbnail/Optional – Jpg or Tiff

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• Non-Linear Production • Video Keying • 2D-3D Animation • Gif Animation for websites • Video Streaming • DVD Authoring • Audio Editing • Voice Over • Graphic Design • PowerPoint
  • Picture to Video • Field Shooting • Video Depositions • Day in a Life • Multiple Format Video Duplication • Foreign Video Transfer

Services We Provide

Service We Provide 1. Street Promotions (Distribute flyers, posters, mix CDs, business cards, t shirts to the public and retail) 2. Internet Marketing (mp3 music blasts, social media, email campaign) 3. Text Blast Campaign ( Text flyer straight to cell phones) 4. Radio Promotions (Service Program Directors & DJ’s, help in getting radio play college, urban internet) 5. Production (Link you to producers you want to work with to fix your style and budget) 6. Artist Features (Link you to artist that you want to record a song with that’s in your budget) 7. Video Production (epk’s, music videos, short films, behind the scenes footage) 8. Recording Studio Time (link you to recording studios that’s within your budget mix, master, & recording) 9. Consultant (Label/Artist Consultant 3 to 6mos contract) 10. Graphics Design (Artwork poster, logos, postcards, t shirts) 11. Radio/Print/Cable TV AD’s (Set your Ad’s up for the markets and stations you want to advertise to) 12. Booking Agency (Booking shows for acts that has a fan base and those that fan bases are growing) 13. Public Relations (Help brand your company and artist to the world through the media) 14. Digital Distribution (Distribute your “Album, Single or Mixtape” project worldwide via the internet) 15. Printing (CD Duplications, Postcards, Posters, T Shirts) 16. Artist Management 17. Music Publishing/ Licenses (Help you Licenses recordings, and publish your music) 18. Copy Writes (Help you copy write your works/ trademark your company) 19. Club Promotions (Stripe Clubs, Night Clubs, Artist Showcases, Music events, Concerts) 20. Indie A&R service (service your music to A&R’s of Major & Indie labels through our relationships) 21. Promo Tours/Touring (Set up promo tours and campaigns for artist with fan base and growing brand) For More Info Contact: HRM Marketing Dept.

Phone (832) 452-1519 Fax (315) 423-0004 


Heavy Rotation Magazine Photographers’ Network

Heavy Rotation Magazine is seeking photographers interested in supplying high-quality digital images of celebrity events, concerts events & Trade Shows. Heavy Rotation Magazine is the perfect venue for action photographs. Heavy Rotation Magazine will display your photos in galleries linked directly to each event homepage and on other high-traffic areas of the site. Our site design ensures a high level of exposure for your photos to the people that care about them the most: our Readership and music fans!

Why should I join the network?

*Assignment opportunities   * Company Travel  * Retain your Full Credit of your Images

* Earn 25 percent of advertisement sales

Photographers must be at least 18 years old to apply. Applying to become a member of the Heavy Rotation Magazine Photographers’ Network is easy and free!