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Heavy Rotation Tv (New) provides complete marketing and promotions solutions for our clients. Whether you are trying to introduce a new artist in a certain market, break a hot single, or create a buzz for an innovative product, Heavy Rotation Tv has the exclusive database and tools to generate results. In today’s fast pace music business, music executives need accurate and effective statistics.Heavy Rotation Magz is a quality-marketing tool that is constantly reassessing our database to improve service for our clients.

Our theme here at Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv is ” The Final solution” Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv was created for a service that assess Record labels, Artist and Djs without disturbing the natural fabric of getting the product to the music breakers/Djs legally in the market that’s beening serviced.

Our  comprehensive system of breaking new Artist videos & records is unprecedented in the industry and is the future in our millennium digital mediums.

The core and strength to getting the music to the potential consumers are Television media and the Djs which is what the hip-hop/rap/pop music was founded.Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv is a service that has over 15 years of market research, budget analyses, promotional tours, dj database and independent music video show database.

The number one focus of Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv was founded for the djs because the djs has always influenced and set the trend for the music culture.Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv has a mass network of djs and media tools worldwide that have become an integral part of the new international music culture.

Over the years we have worked tireless hours to find the hottest new and exclusive music, create the freshest mixes, graphics, and utilize the internet and technology in ways that were never before

contemplated. Our passion for music has grown, as has our network of professionals and tech savvy partners across the globe.Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv represents the new face of the entertainment technology company,seamlessly fusing art, music, lifestyle, culture and technology.

In the new aggressive management style entertainment companys, the need for smarter technology simultaneously cutting cost creating great value for our clients.

Whether we are promoting a hot new single from an established artist, introducing the latest project from Sony, or launching a revolutionary web-based application, we at Heavy Rotation Magz & Tv remain committed to “The final solution”.