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Benefits of Joining Overseas Royalty Societies

Affiliating with one or more overseas music royalty societies can yield BIG benefits for a qualifying composer. As with many publishers (in fact, ALL of big publishing), it’s possible to establish direct relations with foreign PROs, assigning them particular rights administration even for particular works in specified territories. Or, for all your works worldwide except in the US. It depends on the attractiveness of your catalogue to a foreign PRO and the deal you make. The benefits? – you get your overseas money TWO to FIVE years earlier; – you pay ONE admin fee to the foreign society, not TWO, as when the foreign PRO sends your money to ASCAP; – possible exemption from “cultural deductions” taken from gross distribution on performances in certain territories; – default distribution of TWO-THIRDS to composer, ONE-THIRD to publisher from performances in certain territories worldwide, providing your contracts allow for it; – DIRECT collection of “broadcast mechanical” royalties, which can represent ONE-THIRD of the distributable money depending on the territory. By law, ASCAP nor BMI can touch anything labeled “mechanical,” so in countless cases, US composers NEVER SEE these rightful earnings; – With sufficient performances, possible qualification for a pension as with SACEM, the performing rights organization of France; – more complete performance reporting; when, where, and how much. On our ASCAP statements, there’s just a work title, a foreign society, and a dollar amount. It’s a “black hole” of data, devoid of accountability; – there can be increased insulation from cue sheet fraud perpetrated by unscrupulous sub-publishers and others in foreign territories. A society you join directly is much more likely to notify you about cue sheet modifications. Otherwise, they just don’t do it; – MUCH greater ease in obtaining copies of cue sheets from overseas territories. All kinds of cues in all kinds of film & TV productions end up with the names of SOMEBODY ELSE else on music you may have composed. Your blood would boil if you had ANY IDEA of the inaccuracy and outright fraud that goes on with cue sheets worldwide. And it’s been going on for decades. Unfortunately, ASCAP may throw as many roadblocks in your way as possible to impede your direct affiliation with overseas societies. That includes intimidating you and/or the foreign societies. Why? It’s FREE MONEY to ASCAP and they won’t be able to hold your cash while earning interest on the float and deducting admin fees from your foreign collections. In the aggregate, ASCAP makes a lot of money doing this. It’s another in a litany of policies that are clearly good for ASCAP, but AGAINST the best interests of American composers. If any ASCAP executive wishes to debate this statement with me, PLEASE STEP FORWARD. No one will, of course, because they can’t possibly win the argument. Indeed, reliance on our ignorance as composers is a fundamental element of many ASCAP policies. As for the good and valuable services that ASCAP provides to composers, songwriters, and publishers, this publication is, of course, properly grateful and appreciative. No kidding.

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Chance the Rapper, Jeremih Unveil Christmas Mixtape Deluxe Edition

Chance the Rapper and Jeremih unveiled the deluxe edition of their surprise holiday mixtape, Merry Christmas Lil' Mama: Re-Wrapped. The expanded version is available to stream on Chance the Rapper's Soundcloud, and can also be downloaded for free. The deluxe edition boasts nine new songs, plus a piano remix of "Stranger At the Table" from the original release. Chance the Rapper announced Re-Wrapped on Instagram, where he also noted that Common and Master of None actress/writer Lena Wai the contributed drums on every track.

YG Hootie – “The City” ft. Kendrick Lamar

YG Hootie (not to be confused with the YG of “FDT” fame) managed to get a feature from fellow Compton native Kendrick Lamar for his latest song “The City.” The psychedelic beat comes from Mike WiLL Made-It’s EarDrummers label producer DJ FU. Hootie and Kendrick connected on 2013’s “Two Presidents,” and Mike WiLL played a prominent role on DAMN., so DJ FU getting the look here makes sense. Listen to the new song below.


  #HIPHOPAWARDS New York, NY – September 14, 2017 – Multi-platinum artist, mega-producer and ‘Anthem King’ DJ Khaled alongside Grammy Award winning rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar and newcomer Cardi B lead the BET “Hip Hop Awards” 2017 with 9 impressive nominations each. DJ Khaled’s 9 nods, include ‘Album of the Year,’ ‘DJ of the Year,’ ‘Best Hip-Hop Video,’ ‘Best Collabo, Duo Or Group,’ ‘Producer Of The Year,’ ‘Hustler of the Year,’ ‘Mvp of the Year,’ and 2 For ‘Single of the Year. Kendrick Lamar  earns nods for ‘Best Hip Hop Video,’ ‘Hot Ticket Performer,’ ‘Lyricist of the Year,’ ‘MVP of the Year,’ ‘Single of the Year,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ ‘Hustler of the Year,’ and 2 nods for ‘Impact Track.’ And NYC’s newest female emcee Cardi B earn nods for her summer anthem “Bodak Yellow” for ‘Best Hip-Hop Video,’ ‘Hot Ticket Performer,’ ‘MVP of the Year,’ ‘Single of the Year,’ ‘Best New Hip-Hop Artist,’ ‘Hustler of the Year,’ ‘Made-You-Look Award (Best Hip-Hop Style),’ ‘Best Mixtape’ and ‘Impact Track’. Jay Z and Chance The Rapper score the second-most nominations with 5 nominations each. Jay Z shares nods with Chance The Rapper in the ‘Lyricist of the Year,’ ‘MVP of the Year’ and ‘Hustler of the Year’ categories and additionally earns nominations for ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Impact Track’. Chance The Rapper  is being recognized as ‘Hot Ticket Performer,’ ‘Lyricist of the Year,’ ‘MVP of the Year,’ ‘Hustler of the Year’ and as a featured artist in the 'Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse’ categories. Hip-Hop hit makers Future and Migos pick up 4 nominations each – Future earning nods for ‘Best Hip-Hop Video,’ ‘Single of the Year,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ and ‘Made-You-Look Award (Best Hip-Hop Style);’ and Migos for ‘Best Collabo, Duo or Group,’ ’ ‘Single of the Year,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ and ‘Made-You-Look Award (Best Hip-Hop Style).’ Additionally, ‘Best New Hip-Hop Artist’ Award nominees include industry newcomers Cardi B, Playboi Carti, Aminé, Kodak Black, and Tee Grizzley. BET “Hip Hop Awards” 2017 heads to Miami on Friday, October 6, 2017 at its new venue, The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, FL and will premiere on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 8:00PM ET/PT.

Video: JAY-Z – “Bam” ft. Damian Marley

New Music to Stream Now: Heavy Rotation Editors' Picks
Jay Z has released the video for “Bam” featuring Damian Marley. The Rohan Blair-Mangat-helmed clip shows JAY-Z and Marley working on the song in a Jamaican studio, as well as other shots from throughout the country. The video is the third from the rapper’s new album 4:44, following “The Story Of O.J” and the title track. The other big JAY-Z news, of course, is the first public photo of his newborn twins, Sir and Rumi. Watch “Bam” below (if you’re a Tidal subscriber, that is; if not you can watch a preview here).

Review JMBLYA 2017 Austin,Tx 

By Heavy Rotation Magazine May 6th 2017, Austin,Tx. Thousands of hiphop fans from all around texas and the austin area gathered at the 2017 JMBLYA rap music festival, the event featured popular rappers, Chance The Rapper, Gucci Mane, Steve Aoki, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, 6Lack, Young Dolph, just to name a few. Starting with an incredible line up, the performers hit the stage rocking popular trending records in todays hiphop charts. The performance line-up had a very unique upward buzz, starting with artist like, Pell, Snow Tha Product, & Young Dolph. After reviewing the artist line-up in totality, noticed that the perform line-up appear to be based on popular I.G followers, starting with artist Pell, and ending with highly popular artist like Gucci Mane & Chance Tha Rapper, both with hundreds of thousands of IG followers. JMBLYA music festival is slowly becoming the millennial version of the hippy music festival of the 60’s and 70’s like WOOD STOCK. Checkout the full review featured in our June 2017 Release.                     Heavy Rotation Magazine Staff- Top Pick’ voted by Heavy Rotation Magazine Top 10 performances @ JMBLYA 2017 Austin,Texas #1. Chance The Rapper #2. Lil Uzi Vert #3. Migos #4. Gucci Mane #5. 6Lack #6. Young Dolph #7. Steve Aoki #8.Pell #9.YFN Lucci #10.Snow The Product Cousin Stizz - Heavy Rotation Magazine Staff- Top Pick’  Experiencing rap fame doesn’t happen where Cousin Stizz is from. Raised with his sisters by both of his parents in the Dorchester area of Boston, the 25-year-old MC didn’t have dreams of becoming the next Jay Z or Nas -- he preferred being in the streets with his friends. His pursuit of paper stemmed from his rough upbringing in Boston, where there would sometimes be less heat and more drama in the household. In his mid-teens, Stizz found a family outside of his home where his closest friends -- whom he calls his “brothers” -- encouraged him to pursue a music career. He met his manager Tim Larew, videographer Goodwin, as well as rapper Michael Christmas in 2012 at a local event called the “12 For 12” cypher series and began turning his freestyles into a future. That’s probably why his 2015 debut mixtape Suffolk County -- home to the standouts “No Bells,” “Fresh Prince” and the Drake-approved “Shoutout” with millions of listens on SoundCloud -- takes a sound trip through Stizz’s city. The unfiltered MC doesn’t skimp on honesty for the 13-track offering. He revisits his drug-dealing past, a phase that started in his sophomore year of high school, on tracks like “Dirty Bands” and “Bonds.” “My white homies taught me everything I know about the drugs and getting money and getting to it,” he recalls. “They were doing it on such a different scale. I’m watching kids like 16 years old really moving and stacking thousands and thousands of dollars off this shit. That’s what motivated me to be like there’s a dollar out here for me too.” Before rapping full-time, he took on the name Cousin Stizz after his childhood friend gave him the name at 12 years old. Stizz was also known as the friendly kid around the neighborhood. “You acting like everybody’s cousin,” his friends would tell him. Once Stizz started picking up the pen, real-life experience fueled his rhymes, eventually sharpened by life’s lows and highs. “Every single thing I do is real-life experiences. I wish I was one of those people who can just pick a pen up and start talking about anything but I’m not,” he adds. “I’m one of those people who literally thrives on life. If things aren’t going on around me, I probably wouldn’t be able to make really inspiring music.” The rapper then switched the style up for his 2016 effort MONDA, named after Stizz’s friend Damone Clark who passed away from cancer. He traded his trap-esque beats for soulful soundscapes that find him determined to take advantage of life. From the hard-hitting opener “Wanted To Live” to the money-hungry joint “Gain Green” and the resilient number “Million Things,” Stizz still reps his round- the-way roots despite stepping further into the spotlight. The sophomore ‘tape also followed Stizz signing to a major deal with RCA Records after being courted by other labels. While the details about his upcoming project under the label are under wraps, he vows to show his listeners a good time with the “fun, happy-life” side of Stizz but also show the good that can come from the hood. “I’m Cousin Stizz but at the end of the day, I’m little Stizzy to everybody else that really knows me. I’m just finding the balance in that and trying to make people understand that it doesn’t happen where I’m from,” he says. “I gotta let people know and understand that I’m doing this and it’s happening but I’m always going to be the same kid I’ve always been.” Cousin Stizz - MONDA Heavy Rotation Magazine Staff- Top Pick’ Download:…4bvn9n/

New Music: Mary J. Blige – “Love Yourself” ft. Kanye West

Hours after revealing the track list for the upcoming Strength of a Woman, Mary J. Blige dropped her latest cut, “Love Yourself.” The song features hip-hop’s self-love spokesman Kanye West. It kicks off with dulcet piano balladry before throwing on sample uptown-flavored brass. Blige rises from loving no-goods like a phoenix, while West loosely traces his biography with a quick verse (“Came from the Chi and wow look what the fuck they found / A young legend”). Listen to “Love Yourself” below. Strength of a Woman comes April 28.

Album Review: Optimystic “ Day Of The Guiding Light”

“ Hiphop in its truest essence, that is the best way I can describe the over all vibe of the album “ Day Of The Guiding Light ”. Pleasantly surprised I must say,  that european hiphop artist are just as much in tuned with rap/hiphop culture as americans are. The album brings me back to a time when hiphop music was about skill, lyrics hard beats & Mc’s. One of my favorite joints on the album is “Fearless” I love the chorus/hook and the overall feel of the record. Another record thats super dope on the album is “ Universal Agents” featuring legendary Mc Jeru The Damaja. Optimystic is defiantly a true Mc’ in its purest form, love the passion in his music. Written by Just Tony - Chief Publisher Heavy Rotation Magazine

Raekwon Announced a New Album on His Birthday

Today is Raekwon’s 47th birthday. To celebrate, he officially announced The Wild, his upcoming seventh solo album. Although it was previously reported the album was dropping March 10, Raekwon clarified in a tweet that it’s coming at a later date.

Christian Rapper Bizzle Talks Making 'Truth Music' for New Album 'Crowns & Crosses,' Premieres 'Oh Yeah' Video

bizzle-cr-gavin-palmer-2016-billboard-1548 Despite preaching God's word in is rhymes, Christian rapper Bizzle (real name Mark Felder) doesn't come off preachy. With his latest effort Crowns & Crossesreleased via his own label, God Over Money Records, he puts his everyman struggles on wax (see: "Work It Out" and "Money Get Low") on top of hard-hitting, trap-friendly beats that couldn't be neatly pigeonholed as gospel rap. Still, the album revisits Bizzle's past, from being a former pimp to his marital woes. In his early 20s, the California native skipped out on Bible study and funded his earlier rap career with his street hustle, before reconnecting with the Higher Power in church thanks to a woman he worked with. Now, he enjoys the fruits of his labor by being a devoted husband (he has been with his wife for 16 years), a dedicated father (he has two sons, four and five years old, respectively) and a committed philanthropist (he recently donated $45,000 to build water towers in Mozambique, Africa). Below, Bizzle recalls his path to becoming a believer, why he stays away from secular songs, and why he describes his God-inspired rap "truth music." Read the full interview and catch his new video "Oh Yeah" below.  

Hear Gucci Mane, Travis Scott's Hot New Song 'Last Time'


Gucci Mane revisits his drug-using past on new song "Last Time," which features Travis Scott. On the Zaytoven-produced song, Gucci reminisces about previous exploits, including ones with women and drugs. He confesses the last time he took some "molly, I took a gram and a half," he raps, but he's quick to state he's changed his ways. "I'm an ex ex-popper/ an online shopper," he contends on the piano-laden trap track. Auto-Tune laces Travis Scott's verses and hook, where he sings, "Last time I took drugs, I just took half of it." Gucci has been steadily releasing material following his two-year prison stint. The rapper collaborated with fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug on "Guwop Home," unveiled "On Me" and also "Back on Road," which features Drake. Gucci released his ninth album, Everybody Looking, in July. Meanwhile, Scott recently unveiled the NSFW video for "Pick Up the Phone" featuring Young Thug and Migos' Quavo.

DJ Shadow on Why Hip-Hop No Longer Exists, 'Endtroducing.....' at 20

Two decades after its release, the success of DJ Shadow's Endtroducing..... still surprises the artist behind the iconic beatmaking album. The producer, born Josh Davis, laughs off any rags-to-riches narrative regarding his debut. "People ask me what was it like when the record came out, and my response is always that it was pretty low-key," he tells Rolling Stone. Twenty years later, Davis' latest, The Mountain Will Fall, is another bold step for the now 43-year-old California native: Though he has built his career around manipulating the work of other musicians, the album predominantly features his own original compositions. rs-246933-rs-dj-shadow-9a7b814b-6960-4a06-8fee-922bf66fd3af My method's always been to rethink some part of the process that's going to put me out of my comfort zone and force me to embrace a new way of getting from point A to point B," Davis says. That method has also included a career-long history of collaborations with artists ranging from Thom Yorke and Depeche Mode to Q-Tip and Run the Jewels, who guest on the new LP along with Nils Frahm, Ernie Fresh and others. In advance of a September and October U.S. tour in support of The Mountain Will Fall, Davis recently spoke to RS about the future of sampling, the legacy of Endtroducing..... and why real hip-hop may be a bygone art form.

Hear Rick Ross Celebrate Affluent Friends on 'Same Hoes’

Rick Ross dropped new track "Same Hoes" that has the rapper name-dropping all of his friends from Pusha T to Kevin Hart. 493969845 "Perfect day for new Boss joint!" Rick Ross announced via Twitter. Shortly after 3 p.m. on Thursday, he shared "Same Hoes" on SoundCloud, and he previewed a smokey, black and white visual for the track on Instagram. Though "Same Hoes" is ostensibly about Ross’s female conquests, it mostly provides the MC with an opportunity to acknowledge other rappers (Pusha T, T.I., Snoop Dogg), singers (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber), comedians (Kevin Hart), TV hosts (Steve Harvey) and retired English sports stars (David Beckham). The beat traces a simple, hypnotic loop and bursts of brass add heft to the skeletal drum pattern. Earlier this month, Ross teamed up with Meek Mill and Wale on "Make It Work," which he advertised as "new music from #selfmade4." The rapper teased the project again today, writing on Twitter, "Selfmade 4 coming." Self Made Vol. 3, which showcased artists on Ross's Maybach Music label, came out in 2013.

Gucci Mane Is Back With ‘First Day Out Da Feds’

gucci-compressed Gucci Mane’s release from prison yesterday (May 26) brought joy to many. Today brings a new Gucci song, no surprise since Gucci Mane was doubling lesser rappers’ discographies while he was, you know, in jail. Gucci’s recording career as a free man continues with “First Day Out Da Feds,” which is produced by none other than Mike WiLL Made It. The new song premiered on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club at 9:30 a.m. The Atlanta legend is also reportedly dropping a new mixtape titled First Day Out Tha Feds tonight — at 10:17 p.m., according to Gucci Mane’s Twitter. But for now, listen to “First Day Out Da Feds” below.

ScHoolboy Q Just Surprise-Released His Slick New Single, ‘Groovy Tony’

Download it via iTunes right now schoolboy-q-groovy-tony-new-single-compressed After TDE bossman Anthony Tiffith promised yet another surprise release from Kendrick Lamar and Co.’s increasingly higher profile label tonight, the CEO came through with a new ScHoolboy Q single called “Groovy Tony.” It’s the first taste of the rapper’s proper Oxymoron follow-up and it’s a politically charged drums-and-bass banger. Download it on iTunes here and look for that ScHoolboy record later this year.

The Houston Hip-Hop Culture Fest * Warehouse Live Houston

pharohe monch The Ballroom at Warehouse Live in Houston PHAROAHE MONCH, DJ QBERT, AND LOCKSMITH On his fourth solo LP, Pharoahe Monch remains a vital creative and conceptual force. PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder finds Monch drawing on his own bout with depression to fearlessly explore suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, mental anguish and societal disadvantages for a conceptual journey based on being in a "recollection facility." checkout exclusive Images in our April 2016 Issue & IG: @heavyrotationmagz


The King Of The South T.I Drops New Single " Money Talk "

T.I. - Money Talk

Once dubbed "the Jay-Z of the South" by Pharrell Williams, T.I. gradually came into his own and established himself as one of rap's most successful MCs during the early 2000s. Like Jay-Z, T.I. -- born Clifford Harris in Atlanta, Georgia -- carried a balance of smoothness and toughness, and although 2001's I'm Serious didn't shoot him out of the gate à la Reasonable Doubt, he consistently grew and launched a string of major hits with 2003's "24's." Throughout the six following years, T.I. maintained a consistent presence on urban radio stations in America: 2003's Trap Muzik, 2004's Urban Legend, 2006's King (released in tandem with T.I.'s debut screen appearance in ATL), 2007's T.I. vs T.I.P., and 2008's Paper Trail -- all released through the MC's deal with Atlantic -- were Top Ten albums, with the latter three even spending time at the very top of the chart. For better or for worse, T.I. also courted a good deal of controversy during his rise to superstar status. Far more ink was spent on his legal issues and conflicts with other rappers, including fellow Southerner Lil' Flip, than on his Katrina relief efforts and other humanitarian involvements. One notable event occurred on May 3, 2006, when T.I.'s crew was caught up in a shooting after a show in Cincinnati. The crossfire left three people injured, while longtime friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson was fatally wounded. Despite such incidents, T.I. continued to flourish as the decade drew to a close, releasing three chart-topping rap singles and four Top Five pop hits between 2008 and 2009. His career took a breather in 2009, however, when the rapper entered an Arkansas prison to serve a yearlong sentence related to federal gun charges. He was released from prison at the end of 2009, serving the rest of his sentence at a halfway house in Atlanta. Just prior to the December 2010 release of his seventh album, No Mercy, he returned to prison, sentenced to 11 months for violating his probation. The album went gold, and the rapper was nominated for two Grammy Awards. After his release, he continued recording and co-starred in the VH1 series T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. He issued Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, in December 2012. Influenced by Pharrell Williams, the rapper moved to the Columbia family of labels in 2013. Williams also executive produced his 2014 effort Paperwork, an album introduced by the single "About the Money" featuring Young Thug. It was T.I.'s eighth consecutive Top Ten album. In 2015, after appearances in a handful of films, including Entourage and Ant-Man, he returned as TIP with the five-track EP Da' Nic and his tenth proper album, The Dime Trap. ~ Andy Kellman Click to download: [audio src="" /]  

Tyler, the Creator's bodyguard, Vill, says. "There's a no pants policy on the bus

Sorry, you can't come in here," Tyler, the Creator's bodyguard, Vill, says. "There's a no pants policy on the bus." Vill is a huge guy from a small island off the coast of Samoa. I tell him that I'm not taking off my pants, but he assures me that I won't be alone. "All of the guys are in their boxers," he says. "Look." Vill gives me a peek behind the curtain that separates the driver's seat from the rest of the bus. Sure enough, Tyler, Jasper, Taco, even their brisk British tour manager, Tim, are sitting in the leather seats with their pants pulled down to their ankles, boxers exposed. Tyler wears Hanes, in case you're wondering. I'm thinking, fuck it: I'm in New Orleans to cover the Rocky & Tyler tour, his 14-date trek through North America with A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Vince Staples. Tomorrow, we're in Dallas. If Tyler wants to get weird and hang out in his underwear, then we'll hang out in our underwear. So I take off my pants. Vill pulls back the curtain. I walk on the bus. Tyler's filming me. Everyone's laughing. "This nigga really took off his pants!" Tyler howls. Tyler turns the camera around to review footage on the LCD screen, and, with his pants still hugging his ankles, starts thinking about Ferraris. "You think anybody out here got an Enzo?" No response. He jumps up. "This is gay," he says, zipping up.


A few minutes later, I'm asking him about the tour. "It fucking sucks. I hate this tour. I hate working with people when I'm superior to everyone," Tyler says, digging through boxes of Cap'n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. He holds eye contact with me for a beat. "I'm just playing," he says, and runs off the bus. Tyler, the Creator, born Tyler Gregory Okonma, is at a crossroads. Since he self-released his debut album, Bastard, six years ago, he's been known as a profane artist with an exceedingly juvenile sense of humor. The persona — one associated with lyrics like, "rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome" — has simultaneously made him a pop culture phenomenon and seemingly undermined him every step of the way. In 2013, his Mountain Dew commercial, where he voices a goat that beats a waitress only to end up in a lineup of sinister-looking black men, was pulled after critics deemed it too racist. Last year, he was arrested for inciting a riot in Austin, after urging fans to push through barricades at his SXSW show. Following the release of his latest album Cherry Bomb this year, the United Kingdom joined New Zealand in banning him after protesters accused him of promoting violence against women. pagebreak If any of this is causing Tyler stress, he surely doesn't show it.


Five minutes after the tour bus prank, we're cruising through the streets of New Orleans in a white sprinter van. Here are a few things Tyler shouts from the back seat, while scrolling through his iPhone: "I want a fucking lizard, but I don't want the stupid fucking cage that it needs." "Niggas be making weak ass clothes." "That Pinkberry looks nice as fuck." "The last New Orleans show was garbage." "I feel like they're not as progressive with the architecture out here." "That motherfucking tutu is hard." At 24, Tyler's already been on the scene for over five years. He's earned millions of dollars — "People make it seem like having money is a bad thing," he says. "Who doesn't wanna be fucking rich and wealthy to buy stuff?" — and he now counts Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Jay Z and Seth Rogen among his friends and fans. He's started an ultra-successful line of clothing and a mobile app for "All things Tyler." All of which might have supplanted his hell-child image with a more refined entrepreneurial one, but, in person, he doesn't appear so intent on changing his ways. To be around Tyler, the Creator is to be subjected to a constant stream of lewd absurdity. The sprinter squeezes through the streets of the French Quarter. I tell Tyler that it's my first time in New Orleans.

Timbaland Just Dropped His ‘King Stays King’ Mixtape


Featuring Tink, Migos, 2 Chainz, Aaliyah (yep), and more Timbaland just dropped his much-hyped new mixtape King Stays King, which features a previously unreleased Aaliyah collaboration called “Shakin.” The 17-track effort also features appearances from the rap legend’s current protege, Tink, as well as hip-hop mainstays Migos, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Rich Homie Quan, and more. Without question, it’s wild to hear young Aaliyah’s vocals sounding so pristine and modern and necessary nestled among all those current radio names. Stream King Stays King in full here.    



RELEASES NEW “INHALE” EP! STREAM:  BUY: Los Angeles-based rapper, songwriter and 2013 Grammy Award winning, Sirah releases her long-awaited, debut ‘Inhale’ EP on Atlantic Records. “The ambidextrous songwriter swipes at a variety of genres” notes Billboard, “from grimy rap to zonked-out electronica to bubblegum pop.” IMG_5156_re The six track EP features the “summer-pop groove,” (SPIN) ‘On To The Next’ and her most recent single ‘Inhale,’ which jumped to #1 on Hype Machine, features Sirah’s “raspy, badass vocals” (Idolator). EP follows last year’s ‘C.U.L.T. Too Young To Die’ mixtape, co-signed by Jay Z’s Life + Times, The Source and the Los Angeles Times calling out her “kinetic rap,” “live rhythms and a techno pop gleam.” Sirah joins Swedish duo, Icona Pop (along with K.Flay) on their first tour date tonight in Nashville; and ‘Inhale’ is the perfect preview to the variety she will bring to the stage throughout the tour—full itinerary enclosed below! “INHALE” EP 1. Inhale 2. On To The Next 3. Stick Up 4. Icarus 5. You Know You Want It 6. First Impressions

Paul Wall still Holding Down Houston’ Private listening Session Warehouse Live

Paul Wall Private listening Session Warehouse Live With an entourage of bright lights and and cameras  The  Slab God greeted me with a hug and a smile.  The venue was filled with fans, artist and the heat of the summer air.  The inner circle of Houston's music industry rubbed elbows with the nine-to-fivers.  You couldn't help but to feel relieved that there was no cover charge making a Tuesday night on the town worth while.  Not only were we in good company but we were surrounded by good screwston music, our host did not disappoint, greeting almost every person in the place.  He did not become tired from the constant request of selfies and pictures for the media or fans.   Paul Wall was a perfect southern gentleman. Written By Shawna Jackson  



  Marcus Manchild is in straight work mode. "Preseason 3" was released barely a month ago and he is already preparing for the May 21st release of his EP, "Power." The first offering is "Dirty Mimosas"; an ode to that good ol' purp like none you've heard. Apparently, the days of the styrofoam cup are in Houston's rearview. Long live the champagne flute……….?? Twitter: @MarcusManchild "Dirty MImosas" on Soundcloud:

The Sauce Twinz hit the ground running in 2014

Sauce Twinz Interview w Heavy Rotation Magazine

The Sauce Twinz hit the ground running in 2014, the multi - member rap group started a huge youth movement in Houston,Tx based on a concept “In Sauce We Trust” the movement is similar to legendary rap groups like “WU-Tang Clan” &  “A Tribe Called Quest” The Main group members are Sauce Walka - Sancho Saucy & Sauce Diddy. In November of 2014 ‘ The Sauce Twinz posted their most successful mixtape on , within a few days the mixtape views went to well over 140,000 hits. Checkout the full interview in our Feb,2015 issue.

Heavy Rotation Magazine Live from the Green Carpet At The Bet Hip-Hop Awards 2014

September 20th, 2014 - The atmosphere was incredible as my media colleagues and I gathered on the charter buses Bet Network provided for us. Media Row was located at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, GA. As the Nominees and their publicist hit the green carpet, the cameras and microphones started lighting up the room. Bet Digital Networks attracts hundreds of media outlets to the Bet Hip-hop awards each year. Heavy Rotation Magazine is proud to support and cover such an impactful music platform. Heavy Rotation Magazine would also like to thank Big Krit - Kevin Gates - Show Tha Product & Dee 1 for interviewing with us: you can follow these artist @, @Dee1music  @BIGKRIT  @Kevin_Gates @SnowThaProduct. The full review of the 2014 Bet Hip-hop Awards will be available in our November Issue. BET Awards 2014 Heavy Rotation Magazine4

BET Awards 2014 Heavy Rotation Magazine1

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Post Malone’s “rockstar” Originally Featured T-Pain and Joey Bada$$

A version of Post Malone’s inescapable hit “rockstar” featuring Joey Bada$$ and T-Pain leaked this week. According to Bada$$ and T-Pain, the track isn’t a remix, but the original version of the single. “That’s the original,” T-Pain wrote on Twitter. “They took me off. And put 21 on. Me and Joey had it first.” Bada$$ echoed this in a tweet in which he claims to have helped pen the song. “This is facts,” he wrote. “I actually co-wrote the song w post 🙂 quietly got my first #1 off that.”

Miguel Releases “Sky Walker” Song & Video Featuring Travis Scott

“Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott is produced by Miguel and Happy Perez and the video is directed by Director X.   WATCH:  Vevo:   LISTEN: Multiretailer: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Play:

Neo-Soul Classic “Brown Sugar’ Remastered by D’Angelo

Neo-Soul is releasing a remastered deluxe edition of his seminal neo-soul classic debut Brown Sugar on August 25th via Virgin/UMe. The reissue, prepped in 2-CD and digital formats, features 21 rare tracks, including previously issued remixes, instrumentals and a cappella versions. Highlights from the expanded Brown Sugar include a cappella renditions of the tittle Tracks and "Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine"; an alternate version of "Brown Sugar," an alternate mix of "Cruisin'"; and remixes from CJ Mackintosh, Dallas Austin, Tech King, Erick Sermon and Incognito. The deluxe edition is housed in a digipak with a 20-page booklet boasting rare photographs, lyrics and author-filmmaker Nelson George's essay about the album's innovative, influential hybrid of gospel, soul, funk and hip-hop.

Vince Staples Drops “Big Fish,” Announces Big Fish Theory Release Date

Vince Staples has dropped his new song “Big Fish,” a follow-up to February’s “BagBak.” The new release is in line with his more accessible recent work (at least comparatively accessible), and takes cues from west coast funk. What hasn’t changed is Staples’ mordant introspection: “It’s funny I was going crazy not to long ago / With my problems every morning like the Maury show.” The accompanying music video for “Big Fish” shows Staples performing atop a sinking boat. Staples also told Zane Lowe that his upcoming sophomore album Big Fish Theory will be released on June 23. In the meantime, you can watch “Big Fish”  “BagBak.” Checkout the video on the homepage.        

JMBLYA 2017 Austin, Tx 

Tickets – Austin
Fortress Festival - Social Media Handles: Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/thejmblya/ Twitter: hejmblya Instagram: https://www.instagr

Chicago Rapper Saint Millie's 'Adderall' Is a High-Energy, Positive Influence

Saint Millie is a rapper from Chicago's West Side with a very modern style. Like many of the third generation nu-Chicago rappers, he does not fit easily into either the drill or poetry-influenced genres that have come to define the city since 2012; instead, his style is a descendent of the Cool Kids' late-00s wave, a cool, stylish, modern approach that is neither gangster nor particularly earnest. Although he's worked with a cross-section of Chicago artists—his manager also works with West Side bop stars Sicko Mobb, and he's affiliated with the Treated Crew, whose membership includes staples like Million Dollar Mano, Mic Terror, and Gzus Piece—he has his own distinct lane. Saint Millie's first major release, Adderall, dropped last week. It's a murky, melodic rap record from a newcomer, whose only previous release (2015's Glory) now feels like a prelude. The West Side rapper has stepped up his songwriting and enlisted Chicago staples like Million Dollar Mano (The Weeknd's "The Hills"), Paris Beuller, Brenmar, Sicko Mobb, and Michael Rocks (The Cool Kids). Atlanta's predominant production team, 808 Mafia also show up for the strip club-oriented "Freaks." Yet the album has a consistent sound throughout, thanks in large part to Millie's understated sing-song rap style. Andra Day: House Of Blues Houston 12/2016  Retro-soul singer and songwriter Andra Day is from San Diego, California, where she performed in church and enrolled at the School of Creative and Performing Arts. After she graduated from the school, she leaned toward contemporary R&B and pop, but was eventually drawn back to the classic jazz and soul vocalists she heard as a youngster. A major break came when a performance of hers was caught by Kai Millard Morris, who subsequently took some of Day's music to husband Stevie Wonder, who in turn connected Day with music industry veteran Adrian Gurvitz. Aligned with Gurvitz and Jeffrey Evans' Buskin label, Day built up a YouTube following and eventually signed with Warner Bros. After some singles, as well as a version of "Mississippi Goddamn" contributed to Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone, Day released her debut album, Cheers to the Fall (2015), for which she collaborated extensively with the likes of Gurvitz and Raphael Saadiq, among others.

Jerry Heller, Former N.W.A Manager, Dead at 75

Jerry Heller, the longtime music manager that helped launch the career of N.W.A and the gangsta-rap movement, died Friday. He was 75. Heller's cousin confirmed Heller's death to Billboard. According to TMZ, Heller died after suffering a medical emergency while driving that resulted in him sustaining serious injuries after crashing his minivan in California. It's still unclear whether Heller died from the medical emergency or the injuries from the Heller started his career in the music industry as an agent and promoter, working with artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Marvin Gaye, the Who and Black Sabbath in the Sixties and Seventies. By the mid-Eighties, as hip-hop swelled in popularity, Heller co-founded Ruthless Records with Eazy-E; the Compton rapper reportedly paid Alonzo Williams of the World Class Wreckin' Cru, another Heller-signed act that featured Dr. Dre, for an introduction to the manager. N.W.A formed in 1986 with Eazy-E and Dre linking up with C.I.A.'s Ice Cube and Arabian Prince; a year later, in 1987, Ruthless released the supergroup's first single "Panic Zone. By the release of 1988's Straight Outta Compton, MC Ren and DJ Yella would join N.W.A, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

ASCAP Songwriters Jordan Davis, Miya Folick, Nils Becker Win Songwriters Hall of Fame Scholarships

070c6f_ad3582b5b23c477d85a7efd92c392623.jpg_srz_911_685_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz ASCAP songwriters Jordan DavisMiya Folick and Nils Becker (GEMA) have just been announced as the recipients of the 2016 scholarships and awards from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Davis and Folick both won Abe Olman Scholarships, in recognition of their exceptional songwriting (hear some of their excellent work below!) Abe Olman was a major figure in the music publishing community and a songwriter himself, in addition to being one of the founders of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Abe Olman Scholarships, given out annually since 1990, are made possible by his family in the interest of encouraging and supporting the careers of young songwriters. Becker earned the NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award, presented to a music composition student whose work holds great potential for success in the field, and embodies the art, craft, individuality and qualities of communication of the best songwriting. More information regarding all of the 2016 recipients can be found in the scholarship section of the website. ABOUT JORDAN DAVIS Shreveport, LA seemed to be the perfect backdrop for artist/writer, Jordan Davis, to call home. “Shreveport is just big enough for me to understand what city life was like and small enough to understand that lifestyle.” Davis, like most boys, grew up playing sports, excelling in football and baseball in high school. “I got offers to play baseball from several different universities, but I didn’t want to do that. I knew that I wanted to write and play music,” says Davis. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Davis’ passion and love for music is what made him move to Nashville. When you hear Jordan Davis sing, you instantly know that he made the right decision. “I grew up with an iPod, it had everything from John Prine to Jay Z to George Strait to Kings of Leon." Listening to Jordan’s music, you know that all of those influences in his life helped to shape his style. In 2015 he signed with Ole Music Publishing and Universal Music Group Nashville. Jordan has been touring non-stop the past year and has opened for Chase Rice, Randy Rogers Band, The Cadillac Three, David Nail and more. He is currently in the studio working on his debut album.

Tyler J (Feat. Kevin Gates) - Insomnia (Official Music Video)

Tyler J2_zpsbyt2p0kw The stress of trying to make it in the music industry will keep a person up at night and Waco up-and-comer Tyler J is all too familiar with that concept. On "Insomnia" Ft. Kevin Gates he recounts the burden of working two jobs, while at the same time putting in the grind to establish himself as an artist. At the time the song was recorded, feature artist Kevin Gates was pushing his #IDGT (I Don't Get Tired) movement, making him the perfect collaborator. "Insomnia" was produced by Denero and will appear on Tyler's "Heart Of A Hustler" project dropping Summer 2016. Tyler Jackson (Tyler J) is a hip hop artist out of Marlin, TX, a small town 30 minutes south of Waco. Tyler first started doing music in the fall of 2009 when he wrote and recorded his first song "Missing You" along with his friend and artist Shawn P. He would go on to release his first mixtape "The Heart Melter" and his second "Ecstasy" in 2011 where he then would start growing a local fanbase. In the fall of 2011 Tyler decided to take a break from music, saying that he had been going down a wrong path and needed to make a change. A few months later Tyler decided to return to music and this time to be more of a positive role model, someone that everyone could listen to. In 2012 Tyler, along with his friend Shawn P, released the R&B mixtape "Love Chronicles" and the single "No More Rain" became a local radio hit. Tyler performed at his first show during the 2012 Summer Bash in Waco, TX. In October of 2012 Tyler released another mixtape called "Mixed Emotions" featuring collaborations with artists such as Lil Scrappy, Sammie, Lil Keke, & many more. The single "It's All Good" (Featuring Uness, Lil Scrappy & Lil Keke) was another local hit and turned out to be Tyler's first music video performance. In 2014 he released the mixtape "No Regrets" and 2015 "Love Chronicles: Chapter 2."      Q-Tip’s Tribute To Phife Dawg Is A Perfect Weekend Soundtrack 1401x788-quest From Kendrick Lamar leading a crowd of 18,000 people to chant Phife Dawg’s name in tribute at a concert after learning of the news of the Tribe Called Quest member’s passing to the hip hop community at large penning lengthy homages, Phife’s legacy continues to live on. The co-founding emcee of the iconic rap group suffered from complications from diabetes and passed away at 45 on March 22. In the days that have since followed, the group has issued a formal statement, while some of hip hop’s biggest names have taken to social media to share their condolences, fond memories, songs that influenced their careers and favorite Phife Dawg moments. Pharrell, Just Blaze, Andre 3000, Lamar and Chuck D have all shared their thoughts, with Pharrell eloquently capturing emotionally deep inpact the tragic news holds, saying, “The world lost Phife, but Phife himself actually gained the universe.”

Miguel Performs on a Rooftop in Hallucinatory ‘waves’ Remix Video

miguel-waves-video-940-640x426 Miguel induces the first incredulous eye-rubbings of his trippy video for the Travis Scott remix of “waves” with some facts: “The majority accept the chaos, obey fear, curate pain,” he intones against a backdrop of spinning stars. “You know you can die. Why not live?” And live he does: Posted up at his WILDHEART Motel art installation, the 2015 SPIN cover star performs the slower, trapped-out version of “waves,” joined by Scott for his guest verse. Watch the clip here.

David Bowie Greatest Record ?


"Let's Dance" (1983)

Three years after the release of 1980's Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Bowie enlisted Chic mastermind Nile Rodgers to play on and produce his landmark disco-pop album Let's Dance. Bowie's original composition for the title track, as Nile Rodgers writes in his autobiography Le Freak, sounded like "Donovan meets Anthony Newley." But the duo reworked the song at Montreaux's Mountain Studios before Rodgers' session players augmented the demo at New York's Power Station. Bowie described the track as "a postmodern homage to the Isley Brothers' 'Twist and Shout,'" with the song becoming his last to land at Number One on the Billboard 200. "The song was going to be a major hit," Rodgers wrote. "And we knew it."

N.W.A, Chosen for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


N.W.A's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction caps a huge year for the Compton rap legends. Raymond Boyd/Getty         N.W.A had been on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's ballot three times before, but 2015 was no ordinary year for the Compton rap collective. In August, their biopic, Straight Outta Compton, hit movie theaters to rapturous reviews, earning over $200 million and lots of Oscar buzz. It reminded the world just how impactful N.W.A was during their brief time together, and probably helped them finally get into the Hall of Fame.

Rapper unveils Leafs by Snoop line at surreal suburban house party


Snoop Dogg and his assistants showed off their Leafs by Snoop wares at a private Denver launch on Monday.
There's something almost too perfect about Snoop Dogg — a man who once claimed to smoke 81 blunts a day — coming to a town nicknamed the Mile High City to debut his new line of cannabis products. But on Monday night, he descended upon Denver with his Leafs by Snoop collection to do just that. The 44-year-old rapper and entrepreneur turned a private residence into his own personal Dogghouse, showcasing his diverse weed wares, spinning some G-funk, spitting a few bars and, at one point, basically hotboxing a select crowd of Coloradans into oblivion with lots and lots of stinky, Snoop-selected strains.


Krept-Konan-album-cover The Breakout debut album is a true representation go Krept & Konan’s signature mashup of UK and US styles with an unprecedented list of massive collaborations including Rick Ross, Skepta, Wiz Khalifa, Ed Sheeran, YG and Emeli Sande’. The album includes the buzzing single “Freak of the Week” featuring Jeremih, which New York Magazine, Heavy Rotation Magazine, Comple, Noisey and Spin have called one of the “songs of the summer.’ The song has amassed nearly 5 million youtube views, sits in the Top 10 on the iTunes UK singles chart and Rita Ora performed the track last weekend during her headline set at UK’s Wireless Festival.


Cherae LERI' - Mirage - New Single 

erc-SPI_1766 Lately lots of great people and things have emerged from the Midwestern “Show Me State” of Missouri, among the biggest are Saint Louis’s Rapper Nelly and Ms. Robbie’s Sweetie Pie’s along with some great BBQ. Well here is something else sweet and spicy and also from Missouri Cherae Leri.  Cherae Leri started performing music at a very early age being born to a Mother who was also a traveling DJ. The soulful pop vocalist literally entered the world singing. Whether it was on the road with her Mother or just in front of the family Cherae always found a stage to be on. She would perform at the Family Reunions, Weddings, Church or any other type of function that she could grab a microphone. Being around the music industry so young allowed Cherae to be influenced by some of the more prominent Artists like Patti Labelle, Leela James and  Erykah Badu, whom she met with her mother while attending the Tom Joyner Morning Show at the age of 12. Ms. Badu also encouraged Cherae and her Mother to move to the Houston area where she also pursued a modeling career. Although her claim to fame might have been through the modeling world Cherae never stopped working on her music. Cherae Leri has had a chance to work with Artists like blues soul sensations such as Kenne Wayne, Trudy Lynn, and Steve Krase. Working with these types of Musicians and Artists has been a humbling experience for the young soulful vocalist. Moving forward to 2015 Cherae Leri has moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she is set to release her new single “Mirage” through major online stores. She is currently interviewing with radio stations, magazines and music blogs. Cherae Leri has set the tone for her music career and looks forward to a great future Cherae LERI' - Mirage Click the link to view:   SEATTLE ARTIST FENCES TEAMS UP WITH MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS TO UNVEIL EPIC MUSIC VIDEO FOR “ARROWS” Elektra recording artist Fences has teamed up with GRAMMY-award winning duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to unveil the companion music video to “Arrows.”  The epic music video can be viewed now on Fences’ official YouTube channel, [].  “Arrows” (featuring Macklemore and produced by Ryan Lewis) is the lead single from Fences’ forthcoming label debut “LESSER OCEANS,” arriving everywhere on October 14th.   Fences_Pub1_credit_Brantley_Gutierrez1 Shot entirely in Seattle, WA, over the course of a week, the “Arrows” video was directed by GRAMMY-nominee and longtime Macklemore and Ryan Lewis friend/collaborator Jason Koenig along with award-winning photographer John Keatley.  Koenig previously worked with Fences on the companion music video for “Otherside Remix,” the 2011 collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  This is the fourth music video that Seattle-based Koenig has helmed for the hip-hop duo, including “Can’t Hold Us” which won a pair of MTV Video Music Awards and earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Music Video. On the significance of the video, Fences’ Christopher Mansfield says: "From a day dream to a warehouse. This is video is my entire aesthetic embodied. I lost a friend and found love and was killed by an arrow. I hope you all get lost in the world we built." Macklemore adds: “This music video was our baby. And we raised that baby. We put hella time, love and energy into that kid of ours. Dozens of all-nighters and studio sleep overs to make sure that kid was the best it could be before we put it out into the world, gave the kid some shoes and told our child to run. Run into the world.  Show them who you are. You deserve to be free, baby.”

Basement Jaxx Share Soul-Freeing 'Never Say Never’

The U.K. production duo returns with a title for their album and a lead single that'll move you

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FORMAT: TOP 40 LAST UPDATE 12/30/2017 02:41 AM
lw TW Artist Title Label TW LW Move
1 1 CAMILA CABELLO Havana f/Young Thug Syco/Epic 19013 19059 -46
2 2 ED SHEERAN Perfect Atlantic 17361 16270 1091
3 3 HALSEY Bad At Love Astralwerks/Capitol 16395 15982 413
4 4 IMAGINE DRAGONS Thunder KidinaKorner/Interscope 12498 13608 -1110
7 5 POST MALONE Rockstar f/21 Savage Republic 12488 12033 455
8 6 DUA LIPA New Rules Warner Bros./WBR 12363 11714 649
6 7 SAM SMITH Too Good At Goodbyes Capitol 12017 12036 -19
5 8 MAROON 5 What Lovers Do f/SZA 222/Interscope 12004 13288 -1284
10 9 CHARLIE PUTH How Long Atlantic 8879 8696 183
11 10 SELENA GOMEZ X MARSHMELLO Wolves Interscope 8854 8356 498
9 11 DEMI LOVATO Sorry Not Sorry Hollywood/Island/Republic 8757 9668 -911
13 12 MAX Lights Down Low f/Gnash DCD2/Crush Music/RED 7777 7246 531
14 13 TAYLOR SWIFT End Game f/Ed Sheeran/Future Big Machine/Republic 7776 7194 582
15 14 NF Let You Down NF Real Music/Caroline 7487 6800 687
12 15 PORTUGAL. THE MAN Feel It Still Atlantic 7060 8082 -1022
16 16 MACKLEMORE Good Old Days f/Kesha Macklemore/WBR 6561 6259 302
17 17 HAILEE STEINFELD & ALESSO Let Me Go f/FGL & Watt Republic 5950 5624 326
19 18 NIALL HORAN Too Much To Ask Capitol 5040 4986 54
21 19 G-EAZY & HALSEY Him & I Capitol/RCA 4568 3461 1107
22 20 SOFI TUKKER Best Friend Ultra 4071 3429 642
20 21 KHALID Young Dumb & Broke Right Hand Music Grp/RCA 3875 3894 -19
23 22 BEBE REXHA Meant To Be f/F.G.L. BMLG/WBR 3812 3349 463
26 23 WALK THE MOON One Foot RCA 3136 2884 252
24 24 CALVIN HARRIS Faking It f/Kehlani,Lil Yachty Columbia 2845 3045 -200
18 25 TAYLOR SWIFT Ready For It Big Machine/Republic 2680 5002 -2322
25 26 J BALVIN F/WILLY WILLIAM Mi Gente f/Beyonce PW/UMLE/Columbia-Republic 2430 2931 -501
29 27 KENDRICK LAMAR LOVE. f/Zacari TDE/Aftermath/Interscope 2425 1998 427
30 28 CHEAT CODES Feels Great f/Fetty Wap 300 Ent. 2048 1968 80
28 29 LAUV I Like Me Better Lauv/Kobalt 2041 2009 32
31 30 BTS MIC Drop(Aoki Mix) f/Desiigner Big Hit Ent./RED 2017 1862 155
27 31 P!NK What About Us RCA 1950 2194 -244
32 32 DEMI LOVATO Tell Me You Love Me Hollywood/Island/Republic 1882 1573 309
33 33 DAYA New Interscope 1519 1527 -8
46 34 EMINEM River f/Ed Sheeran Shady/Interscope 1484 620 864
36 35 CLEAN BANDIT I Miss You f/Julia Michaels Big Beat/RRP 1421 1330 91
44 36 CAMILA CABELLO Never Be The Same Syco/Epic 1328 789 539
35 37 CNCO & LITTLE MIX Reggaeton Lento (Remix) SYCO/Columbia 1318 1377 -59

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New Movie to Stream Now: Heavy Rotation Editors' Picks:  HAVE A NICE DAY A FILM BY: LIU JIAN
In a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancée’s failed plastic surgery, Xiao Zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss. News of the robbery spreads fast within the town and, over the course of one night, everyone starts looking for Xiao Zhang and his money… Liu Jian delivers a whirlwind neo-noir, cementing his place as a pioneering force in independent Chinese animation.
Have A Nice Day

West Fest Tour Featuring Rapper ICE CUBE Review by Heavy Rotation Magazine

(November 18,2017) If you were a fan of rap music from the late 80’s 90’s & early 2000’s then, smart financial Centre was the place to be. Starting with H-Town classic rap artist like Lil KeKe as well as Snoop Dogg’s legendary group “The Dogg Pound”. One surprisingly   pleasant aspect of the tour was the performance of “Dj Quik”. Dj Quik’s performance really brought me back to a time when rap music was actually rather fun and more musical. The fans were on their feet when the infamous Quik performed the classic “Lets Get Down” that featured Tony Toni Tone. Interestedly, this is a phenomenon I have never seemed to quite understand, and that is “ why doesn’t the rapper Scarface receive more accolades for all of his musical accomplishments”?. pleasantly, that was put to rest, after Scarface brilliant performance, the Houston hiphop native was presented with an award titled “ THE GOAT” meaning greatest of all time. Scarface appeared to be extremely emotional after receiving this great honor, and the crowd roared to a thunderous cheer. The West Fest grand finale was none other than NWA’s infamous gangsta rapper ICE CUBE. Ice Cube hit the stage with his long time group member (“WC” of the group lynch mob”) banging the song ‘Natural Born Killaz. Ice Cube mesmerized the crowd has he took us back in time when music was aggressive, extremely socially conscious and full of musical energy. Cube also spoke briefly about his break up with the group NWA, and why he came back with the song ‘ No Vaseline’ from the album “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” Ice Cube performance was the best of the West Fest Tour, full of high energy, classic songs choreographed to perfection. W.C “hype man” and long time group member is the perfect duo to showcase Ice Cube’s west coast gangsta persona. O’shea Jackson is truly a rap legend, from an era when social injustices ruled the African American communities, and the music was an art form of speaking out against it. Written by Tony Patterson ( Heavy Rotation Magazine )

 Chris Brown performs during TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on Oct. 2k17 in New York City

Chris Brown’s fan base, is as loyal as they come. When TIDAL X announced a free pop up show for Brown, eager fans flocked to 34th St and populated the sidewalk outside of The Manhattan Center on Wednesday night (Oct. 25), hours before the show’s door was scheduled to open at 8:00 pm. Brown posted a series of photos showing the line outside the famed New York venue, which extended well beyond the line of black gates barricading the antsy crowd -- but a long line and tedious security checks were the least of Team Breezy’s concerns. Perched on a mini black stage in the venue’s grand ballroom was DJ Carmilo, one of Hot 97’s resident DJs and the man responsible for pumping up the crowd for the singer, who would later hit the stage well over an hour past his scheduled set time.

White supremacists ‘Charlottesville Rally Ends in Violence, Alt-Right Vows to Return

In Charlottesville on Saturday, after the city council and Virginia governor declare a state of emergency and police disband the Unite the Right rally organized by white supremacists, I am following a growing group of demonstrators against the rally, who have begun marching east down Water Street, the southern perimeter of the city's historic downtown mall. Just a few blocks from Emancipation Park, where the white supremacist rally had been scheduled, the marchers appear nonviolent but raucous, chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets!" and holding signs like, "Nazi carpetbaggers go home.” In Charlottesville on Saturday, after the city council and Virginia governor declare a state of emergency and police disband the Unite the Right rally organized by white supremacists, I am following a growing group of demonstrators against the rally, who have begun marching east down Water Street, the southern perimeter of the city's historic downtown mall. Just a few blocks from Emancipation Park, where the white supremacist rally had been scheduled, the marchers appear nonviolent but raucous, chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets!" and holding signs like, "Nazi carpetbaggers go home."

Jay Z , produced the docuseries Time: The Kalief Browder Story

Jay Z criticized the "exploitative" bail bond industry and "predatory lending schemes" aimed at the African-American community in a Father's Day essay. "If you're from neighborhoods like the Brooklyn one I grew up in, if you're unable to afford a private attorney, then you can be disappeared into our jail system simply because you can't afford bail," the rapper wrote for Time. "Millions of people are separated from their families for months at a time — not because they are convicted of committing a crime, but because they are accused of committing a crime.” Jay Z, who produced the docuseries Time: The Kalief Browder Story, writes that he "became obsessed with the injustice of the profitable bail bond industry" while researching Browder's story. "Kalief's family was too poor to post bond when he was accused of stealing a backpack," he wrote. "He was sentenced to a kind of purgatory before he ever went to trial. The three years he spent in solitary confinement on Rikers ultimately created irreversible damage that lead to his death at 22." The rapper recently applauded New York mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to shutter the Rikers Island prison facility. Inspired by Southerners on New Ground and Color of Change's Mother's Day efforts to bail out 100 incarcerated mothers, Jay Z is supporting similar efforts for those organizations "to bail out fathers who can't afford the due process our democracy promises." "This pre-incarceration conundrum is devastating to families. One in nine black children has an incarcerated parent. Families are forced to take on more debt, often in predatory lending schemes created by bail bond insurers," the rapper continued. "Every year $9 billion dollars are wasted incarcerating people who've not been convicted of a crime, and insurance companies, who have taken over our bail system, go to the bank." Read full story @

Prince Estate Sues 'Deliverance' EP Producer Over Surprise Release

A day after an unreleased Prince song titled “Deliverance” unexpectedly appeared on streaming services alongside news of an upcoming EP, the Prince estate has filed a federal lawsuit against the EP's co-producer Ian Boxill.In the lawsuit, filed by Paisley Park Enterprises on Tuesday, the estate alleges that Boxill is packaging "Deliverance" and five other unpublished recordings featuring Prince without their permission. That collection of tracks, the Deliverance EP, is scheduled for release on April 21st, the one-year anniversary of . Prince’s death While the estate confirmed the music's authenticity, they stated that the release of the Deliverance tracks is "unauthorized" and that Boxill is violating the terms of his recording agreement with Prince.

Singer-Songwriter gnash on How He Was Clueless That His Song 'i hate u, i love u' Would Be a Hit

gnash sits on a porch after landing in Delaware for Firefly. The airline lost his luggage, which means he's stuck with the clothing on his body. gnash the optimist just sees this as a squad marketing opportunity. "We got our merch with us -- I was gonna say we might put a bunch of merch on us," he proposes. "I feel like it's a good squad move, like if Drake has everybody in the OVO stuff then maybe everybody should do gnash." gnash has managed to sneak up on the Hot 100 charts with his hit "i hate u, i love u" featuring Olivia O'Brien. The bare piano-driven conflict stands out in a sea of club-ready summer songs like "One Dance" and "Don't Let Me Down." With a quintessentially millennial social-media presence, the singer-songwriter has created a strong fanbase of Dreamers who relate to his straight-from-a-diary lyrics and #positive tweets.

Lady Gaga Announces New Album Featuring Father John Misty, Josh Homme, Beck

Lady Gaga’s new single “Perfect Illusion” was met with a lukewarm response when it dropped this past Friday. But Mother Monster only moves forward. The destination this time is Joanne, her first album since 2013’s ARTPOP. Lady Gaga announced on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show that the new LP will drop on October 21 via Streamline/Interscope.ladygaga-640x427 The pop star, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, explained that the album is named after her late aunt, who died from lupus when she was 19. (Aside from being Gaga’s middle name, Joanne is also part of the name of a Manhattan restaurant owned by her parents, Joanne Trattoria.) “It’s everything about Joanne,” she told Lowe, discussing the album and its title. “It’s all the toughness of the pain of losing her that made us all strong and made us who we are.” As Pitchfork notes, Joanne will be assisted by the musicianship of Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Father John Misty, Beck, Florence Welch, and Mark Ronson (who had a hand in producing “Perfect Illusion). Aside from “Perfect Illusion,” other song titles include “John Wayne,” “Sinner’s Prayer,” and “Ayo.” Does all of this amount to a good album? The world awaits.

Clark Atlanta and Spelman Alumna Helen Price Named President of The Coca-Cola Foundation

Helen-Smith-Price-Named-President-of-The-Coca-Cola-Foundation The Coca-Cola Company on April 6th announced Helen Smith Price will be promoted to Vice President of Global Community Affairs for The Coca-Cola Company and President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, effective April 16. Price joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 as Corporate External Affairs Director and since 2001 has served as Assistant Vice President and Group Director of Global Community Affairs and Executive Director of The Coca-Cola Foundation. In this role she manages the day-to-day operations of the global Foundation including, grant making, financial requirements, and regulatory compliance for domestic and international philanthropy. As a native of Atlanta, Price’s commitment to the community is extensive. She currently serves on the boards of the Woodruff Arts Center’s Alliance Theatre, The Villages at Carver Family YMCA and the Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals. She also serves on the Nominations Committee for the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Corporate Contributions Council of The Conference Board. Price succeeds Lisa Borders, who left The Coca-Cola Company in March to become the WNBA President. Price will report to Bea Perez, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer.

Hear Kanye West and Miley Cyrus’ Wild, Mesmerizing ‘Black Skinhead’ Remix

Nearly three years ago, Kanye West shuttled Miley Cyrus from her now infamous appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to a recording studio, where the two reportedly crafted a remix to West’s booming Yeezus cut “Black Skinhead.” The rumored collaboration never saw the proper light of day at the time, but late last night, someone — an angel? A disgruntled G.O.O.D Music employee? North West? — leaked it to the world. Cyrus herself opens the track with a sung verse before dipping into a brief bit of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The rest of the song strips back the dark, oozing Yeezus aesthetic in favor of glitchier, more pop-minded accompaniment. Tinny 808s and Travi$ Scott guide the track along a weirdly melodic path — odd only considering how thrashing and unforgiving the original is. It is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting mainstream musical collaborations of the decade. Hear it right here.

Miguel Just Released a Song He Recorded When He Was 14

Late last night, Heavy Rotation Magazine cover recording artist Miguel— who released his acclaimed album WILDHEART earlier this year — threw a song up on Soundcloud called “U R on My Mind,” a track he claims was recorded in the fall of 1999 when he was 14. It’s kind of incredible to be able to trace the roots of the singer’s silky vocals back to his early days — his phrasing’s obviously not quite as nuanced as it is now, but the foundation’s absolutely there. Listen below. Miguel Just Released a Song


De La Soul and Nas Still ‘God It’ on New One-Off Single

De La is hard at work on their upcoming eighth album, but this track won't make the cut New track isn't included on their upcoming, Kickstarter-funded album de-la-soul-nas-god-it-new-song-640x426 De La Soul recently launched a Kickstarter to fund their eighth album, which will feature Damon Albarn, David Byrne, 2 Chainz, and Little Dragon. Today, they've shared a new track that won't appear on that album, but it also features a huge guest star: Nas. Listen to "God It" above.  

Jack White and Q-Tip Bring the Blues to A Tribe Called Quest's 'Excursions' in New York

Run the Jewels also brought out Zach De La Rocha during their opening set at Madison Square Garden As if a sold out show at Madison Square Garden with Run the Jewels opening wasn't enough to make Jack White's Friday night tour stop in New York a little out of the ordinary, he also had another big trick up his sleeve in the form of A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip. In the midst of his performance of the Lazaretto standout "The Black Bat Licorice," the legendary rapper came out on stage to finish out the track before launching into a bluesy full-band rendition of the Tribe's own Low End Theory track "Excursions."jack White w Q-Tip Not to be outdone by the headlining act, Run the Jewels had a guest rapper of their own earlier in the evening, enlisting Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine to perform on the Run the Jewels 2 cut "Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)." You can catch that performance below, and the Q-Tip/Jack White performance up above.   SIA AMUN Drops New Single SIA AMUN

  What better way to bring in the New Year than with a brand new single from Recording Artist and Songwriter SIA AMUN. Her debut single "RUNAWAY" was released January 3, 2015 on sound cloud. Link Below SIA AMUN is 1/2 of a writing duo called The Pensouls, who are responsible for penning the track  "All We Do" on Trey Songz second No. 1 Album TRIGGA and Pleasure P's new single "Do You". SIA AMUN started her career behind the scenes singing demos for and working with some of the biggest names in the music industry including the hit production team The Underdogs and Teddy Riley to name a few. Having worked as a backing vocalist for Mega pop star Lady Gaga and writing songs for other artists, SIA AMUN has decided to step out in the forefront and share a piece of her most intimate gift by releasing her debut single "RUNAWAY" off of her upcoming EP entitled 9 Lives. Checkout the interview with Sia Amun by Heavy Rotation Magazine on our youtube Channel. For updates on SIA AMUN and new music follow her on social media! Instagram:@siaamun

Hear RZA & Tinashe's 'One Of A Kind' Collaboration

An exclusive listen to the pair's Hollywood studios recording session RZA & Tinashe

Inside the Dr Pepper Studio, which is located at one of the premiere studios in Hollywood, The RZA welcomes Tinashe to what has become his production lab for the night. After spending a short time getting to know each other, they jump into recording the track that will be a part of RZA's upcoming collaborative EP. RZA begins by playing a few beats to feel out Tinashe's sound until they decide on a song that is a bit more mellow compared to RZA's others. After a couple of passes, Tinashe jumps on the control room mic and begins humming to the beat. She passes through impressive vocal highs and lows to carve out a melody while RZA adds to the beat with his Yahama Motif XS. Shortly thereafter, Tinashe is listening back to the recorded scratch-track of her humming and penning her lyrics. It’s not long until she’s out in the vocal booth laying down her final take. The fast-rising Tinashe impressed RZA with her vocal range and expeditiousness in the studio in what was a notably smooth collaboration. Hear the results and read the pair's thoughts below:

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Paparazzi Parlor

LIGHTS ALL NIGHT longest running multi-day, multi-stage EDM event in Texas

LAN continued its tradition of offering local residents and travelers alike a highly-curated mix of top-tier electronic music acts spanning a variety of genres to ring in the New Year. This year’s celebration played host to several of the most sought-after acts in the world, including headliners Bassnectar, Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Illenium, NGHTMRE, and Seven Lions - all of whom offered awe-inspiring performances at the larger-than-life Supernova Stage.  

EDM giants Ookay, who performed a rare live set which was just introduced for the first time this September; Liquid Stranger; AC Slater; Destructo; Drezo; and TOKiMONSTA, who kept the party going all weekend long. Plus, as genres continue to collide across today’s music landscape, this year’s event again featured some of the top acts in hip-hop, including Houston’s own Maxo Kream, as well as Ugly God and Smokepurpp, two leaders in the new “Soundcloud rap” movement.

Heavy Rotation Magazine’s Top 5 Albums of 2017

1.Kendrick Lamar, Damn.'


2. SZA, 'Ctrl'



3. Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'
4. Future, Hendrxx'

5. Lorde, 'Melodrama'



Hottest New Albums to Stream Now: Heavy Rotation Magazine Editors' Picks

1# Big K.R.I.T., 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time The fast-talking Southern MC explores his two sides – his public "Big K.R.I.T." side and his inner "Justin Scott" side – on this ambitious, lushly produced, guest-stuffed double album. Hear: Amazon Music Unlimited | Apple Music | SoundCloud Go | Spotify | Tidal

          2# DJ Muggs vs. Meyhem Lauren, Gems From The Equinox Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs teams up with Queens-born student of the old school Meyhem Lauren for this dusty, dank collabo. Hear: Amazon Music Unlimited | Apple Music | SoundCloud Go | Spotify | Tidal


          3# Weezer. Pacific Daydream Weezer’s steady exploration of sounds and ideas has been anchored to their enduring commitment to indelible pop tunes. That approach stands firm on a set of virally catchy songs that begins with the crunchy, metallic riffs of “mexican Fender, and ends on the hearty strumming and upbeat harmonies of “any friend of Diane’s.



Seattle rapper unveils latest single from forthcoming solo LP, ‘Gemini’

Macklemore and Kesha reminisce on their powerful new hip-hop ballad, "Good Old Days." The track will appear on Macklemore's upcoming solo album, Gemini. "Good Old Days" features stripped-down drums, piano and vocal loops. Macklemore vividly recounts everything from his early tours and dreams of stardom, to his homecoming dance regrets and struggles with substance abuse. Kesha delivers the song's potent hook over an isolated piano and buoys Macklemore throughout the third verse, adding an extra chill to lines like, "And I ain't worried about the wrinkles around my smile/ I've got some scars, I've been around/ I've thrown some pain, I've seen some things, but I'm here now." Hear Macklemore, Kesha Reminisce on Evocative New Song 'Good Old Days'


Sound On Sound Fest will welcome one of today’s most beloved and sought-after indie acts, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to close out the first day of the fest on Friday after a notable hiatus from live performances and recordings since 2013; alongside fellow Friday headliners Dinosaur Jr, who are performing “You’re Living All Over Me” in its entirety in celebration of the album’s 30th anniversary; and electronic synth pop band, Austra, both of whom will be helping to close out Day 1 at separate stages. Earlier in the day festival attendees will see performances from notable music acts like Pusha T, who is currently prepping the release of his newest album, King Push, for release later this year; along with additional day one artists like emo rock outfit, Taking Back Sunday; funk/soul/R&B singer Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, who will return to the festival after being forced to back out last year due to complications with stomach cancer; intergenerational death metal behemoth Cannib