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West Fest Tour Featuring Rapper ICE CUBE Review by Heavy Rotation Magazine

(November 18,2017) If you were a fan of rap music from the late 80’s 90’s & early 2000’s then, smart financial Centre was the place to be. Starting with H-Town classic rap artist like Lil KeKe as well as Snoop Dogg’s legendary group “The Dogg Pound”. One surprisingly   pleasant aspect of the tour was the performance of “Dj Quik”. Dj Quik’s performance really brought me back to a time when rap music was actually rather fun and more musical. The fans were on their feet when the infamous Quik performed the classic “Lets Get Down” that featured Tony Toni Tone. Interestedly, this is a phenomenon I have never seemed to quite understand, and that is “ why doesn’t the rapper Scarface receive more accolades for all of his musical accomplishments”?. pleasantly, that was put to rest, after Scarface brilliant performance, the Houston hiphop native was presented with an award titled “ THE GOAT” meaning greatest of all time. Scarface appeared to be extremely emotional after receiving this great honor, and the crowd roared to a thunderous cheer. The West Fest grand finale was none other than NWA’s infamous gangsta rapper ICE CUBE. Ice Cube hit the stage with his long time group member (“WC” of the group lynch mob”) banging the song ‘Natural Born Killaz. Ice Cube mesmerized the crowd has he took us back in time when music was aggressive, extremely socially conscious and full of musical energy. Cube also spoke briefly about his break up with the group NWA, and why he came back with the song ‘ No Vaseline’ from the album “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” Ice Cube performance was the best of the West Fest Tour, full of high energy, classic songs choreographed to perfection. W.C “hype man” and long time group member is the perfect duo to showcase Ice Cube’s west coast gangsta persona. O’shea Jackson is truly a rap legend, from an era when social injustices ruled the African American communities, and the music was an art form of speaking out against it. Written by Tony Patterson ( Heavy Rotation Magazine )

 Chris Brown performs during TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on Oct. 2k17 in New York City

Chris Brown’s fan base, is as loyal as they come. When TIDAL X announced a free pop up show for Brown, eager fans flocked to 34th St and populated the sidewalk outside of The Manhattan Center on Wednesday night (Oct. 25), hours before the show’s door was scheduled to open at 8:00 pm. Brown posted a series of photos showing the line outside the famed New York venue, which extended well beyond the line of black gates barricading the antsy crowd -- but a long line and tedious security checks were the least of Team Breezy’s concerns. Perched on a mini black stage in the venue’s grand ballroom was DJ Carmilo, one of Hot 97’s resident DJs and the man responsible for pumping up the crowd for the singer, who would later hit the stage well over an hour past his scheduled set time.

White supremacists ‘Charlottesville Rally Ends in Violence, Alt-Right Vows to Return

In Charlottesville on Saturday, after the city council and Virginia governor declare a state of emergency and police disband the Unite the Right rally organized by white supremacists, I am following a growing group of demonstrators against the rally, who have begun marching east down Water Street, the southern perimeter of the city's historic downtown mall. Just a few blocks from Emancipation Park, where the white supremacist rally had been scheduled, the marchers appear nonviolent but raucous, chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets!" and holding signs like, "Nazi carpetbaggers go home.” In Charlottesville on Saturday, after the city council and Virginia governor declare a state of emergency and police disband the Unite the Right rally organized by white supremacists, I am following a growing group of demonstrators against the rally, who have begun marching east down Water Street, the southern perimeter of the city's historic downtown mall. Just a few blocks from Emancipation Park, where the white supremacist rally had been scheduled, the marchers appear nonviolent but raucous, chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets!" and holding signs like, "Nazi carpetbaggers go home."

Jay Z , produced the docuseries Time: The Kalief Browder Story

Jay Z criticized the "exploitative" bail bond industry and "predatory lending schemes" aimed at the African-American community in a Father's Day essay. "If you're from neighborhoods like the Brooklyn one I grew up in, if you're unable to afford a private attorney, then you can be disappeared into our jail system simply because you can't afford bail," the rapper wrote for Time. "Millions of people are separated from their families for months at a time — not because they are convicted of committing a crime, but because they are accused of committing a crime.” Jay Z, who produced the docuseries Time: The Kalief Browder Story, writes that he "became obsessed with the injustice of the profitable bail bond industry" while researching Browder's story. "Kalief's family was too poor to post bond when he was accused of stealing a backpack," he wrote. "He was sentenced to a kind of purgatory before he ever went to trial. The three years he spent in solitary confinement on Rikers ultimately created irreversible damage that lead to his death at 22." The rapper recently applauded New York mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to shutter the Rikers Island prison facility. Inspired by Southerners on New Ground and Color of Change's Mother's Day efforts to bail out 100 incarcerated mothers, Jay Z is supporting similar efforts for those organizations "to bail out fathers who can't afford the due process our democracy promises." "This pre-incarceration conundrum is devastating to families. One in nine black children has an incarcerated parent. Families are forced to take on more debt, often in predatory lending schemes created by bail bond insurers," the rapper continued. "Every year $9 billion dollars are wasted incarcerating people who've not been convicted of a crime, and insurance companies, who have taken over our bail system, go to the bank." Read full story @

Prince Estate Sues 'Deliverance' EP Producer Over Surprise Release

A day after an unreleased Prince song titled “Deliverance” unexpectedly appeared on streaming services alongside news of an upcoming EP, the Prince estate has filed a federal lawsuit against the EP's co-producer Ian Boxill.In the lawsuit, filed by Paisley Park Enterprises on Tuesday, the estate alleges that Boxill is packaging "Deliverance" and five other unpublished recordings featuring Prince without their permission. That collection of tracks, the Deliverance EP, is scheduled for release on April 21st, the one-year anniversary of . Prince’s death While the estate confirmed the music's authenticity, they stated that the release of the Deliverance tracks is "unauthorized" and that Boxill is violating the terms of his recording agreement with Prince.

Singer-Songwriter gnash on How He Was Clueless That His Song 'i hate u, i love u' Would Be a Hit

gnash sits on a porch after landing in Delaware for Firefly. The airline lost his luggage, which means he's stuck with the clothing on his body. gnash the optimist just sees this as a squad marketing opportunity. "We got our merch with us -- I was gonna say we might put a bunch of merch on us," he proposes. "I feel like it's a good squad move, like if Drake has everybody in the OVO stuff then maybe everybody should do gnash." gnash has managed to sneak up on the Hot 100 charts with his hit "i hate u, i love u" featuring Olivia O'Brien. The bare piano-driven conflict stands out in a sea of club-ready summer songs like "One Dance" and "Don't Let Me Down." With a quintessentially millennial social-media presence, the singer-songwriter has created a strong fanbase of Dreamers who relate to his straight-from-a-diary lyrics and #positive tweets.

Lady Gaga Announces New Album Featuring Father John Misty, Josh Homme, Beck

Lady Gaga’s new single “Perfect Illusion” was met with a lukewarm response when it dropped this past Friday. But Mother Monster only moves forward. The destination this time is Joanne, her first album since 2013’s ARTPOP. Lady Gaga announced on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show that the new LP will drop on October 21 via Streamline/Interscope.ladygaga-640x427 The pop star, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, explained that the album is named after her late aunt, who died from lupus when she was 19. (Aside from being Gaga’s middle name, Joanne is also part of the name of a Manhattan restaurant owned by her parents, Joanne Trattoria.) “It’s everything about Joanne,” she told Lowe, discussing the album and its title. “It’s all the toughness of the pain of losing her that made us all strong and made us who we are.” As Pitchfork notes, Joanne will be assisted by the musicianship of Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Father John Misty, Beck, Florence Welch, and Mark Ronson (who had a hand in producing “Perfect Illusion). Aside from “Perfect Illusion,” other song titles include “John Wayne,” “Sinner’s Prayer,” and “Ayo.” Does all of this amount to a good album? The world awaits.

Clark Atlanta and Spelman Alumna Helen Price Named President of The Coca-Cola Foundation

Helen-Smith-Price-Named-President-of-The-Coca-Cola-Foundation The Coca-Cola Company on April 6th announced Helen Smith Price will be promoted to Vice President of Global Community Affairs for The Coca-Cola Company and President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, effective April 16. Price joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 as Corporate External Affairs Director and since 2001 has served as Assistant Vice President and Group Director of Global Community Affairs and Executive Director of The Coca-Cola Foundation. In this role she manages the day-to-day operations of the global Foundation including, grant making, financial requirements, and regulatory compliance for domestic and international philanthropy. As a native of Atlanta, Price’s commitment to the community is extensive. She currently serves on the boards of the Woodruff Arts Center’s Alliance Theatre, The Villages at Carver Family YMCA and the Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals. She also serves on the Nominations Committee for the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Corporate Contributions Council of The Conference Board. Price succeeds Lisa Borders, who left The Coca-Cola Company in March to become the WNBA President. Price will report to Bea Perez, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer.

Hear Kanye West and Miley Cyrus’ Wild, Mesmerizing ‘Black Skinhead’ Remix

Nearly three years ago, Kanye West shuttled Miley Cyrus from her now infamous appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to a recording studio, where the two reportedly crafted a remix to West’s booming Yeezus cut “Black Skinhead.” The rumored collaboration never saw the proper light of day at the time, but late last night, someone — an angel? A disgruntled G.O.O.D Music employee? North West? — leaked it to the world. Cyrus herself opens the track with a sung verse before dipping into a brief bit of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The rest of the song strips back the dark, oozing Yeezus aesthetic in favor of glitchier, more pop-minded accompaniment. Tinny 808s and Travi$ Scott guide the track along a weirdly melodic path — odd only considering how thrashing and unforgiving the original is. It is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting mainstream musical collaborations of the decade. Hear it right here.

Miguel Just Released a Song He Recorded When He Was 14

Late last night, Heavy Rotation Magazine cover recording artist Miguel— who released his acclaimed album WILDHEART earlier this year — threw a song up on Soundcloud called “U R on My Mind,” a track he claims was recorded in the fall of 1999 when he was 14. It’s kind of incredible to be able to trace the roots of the singer’s silky vocals back to his early days — his phrasing’s obviously not quite as nuanced as it is now, but the foundation’s absolutely there. Listen below. Miguel Just Released a Song


De La Soul and Nas Still ‘God It’ on New One-Off Single

De La is hard at work on their upcoming eighth album, but this track won't make the cut New track isn't included on their upcoming, Kickstarter-funded album de-la-soul-nas-god-it-new-song-640x426 De La Soul recently launched a Kickstarter to fund their eighth album, which will feature Damon Albarn, David Byrne, 2 Chainz, and Little Dragon. Today, they've shared a new track that won't appear on that album, but it also features a huge guest star: Nas. Listen to "God It" above.  

Jack White and Q-Tip Bring the Blues to A Tribe Called Quest's 'Excursions' in New York

Run the Jewels also brought out Zach De La Rocha during their opening set at Madison Square Garden As if a sold out show at Madison Square Garden with Run the Jewels opening wasn't enough to make Jack White's Friday night tour stop in New York a little out of the ordinary, he also had another big trick up his sleeve in the form of A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip. In the midst of his performance of the Lazaretto standout "The Black Bat Licorice," the legendary rapper came out on stage to finish out the track before launching into a bluesy full-band rendition of the Tribe's own Low End Theory track "Excursions."jack White w Q-Tip Not to be outdone by the headlining act, Run the Jewels had a guest rapper of their own earlier in the evening, enlisting Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine to perform on the Run the Jewels 2 cut "Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)." You can catch that performance below, and the Q-Tip/Jack White performance up above.   SIA AMUN Drops New Single SIA AMUN

  What better way to bring in the New Year than with a brand new single from Recording Artist and Songwriter SIA AMUN. Her debut single "RUNAWAY" was released January 3, 2015 on sound cloud. Link Below SIA AMUN is 1/2 of a writing duo called The Pensouls, who are responsible for penning the track  "All We Do" on Trey Songz second No. 1 Album TRIGGA and Pleasure P's new single "Do You". SIA AMUN started her career behind the scenes singing demos for and working with some of the biggest names in the music industry including the hit production team The Underdogs and Teddy Riley to name a few. Having worked as a backing vocalist for Mega pop star Lady Gaga and writing songs for other artists, SIA AMUN has decided to step out in the forefront and share a piece of her most intimate gift by releasing her debut single "RUNAWAY" off of her upcoming EP entitled 9 Lives. Checkout the interview with Sia Amun by Heavy Rotation Magazine on our youtube Channel. For updates on SIA AMUN and new music follow her on social media! Instagram:@siaamun

Hear RZA & Tinashe's 'One Of A Kind' Collaboration

An exclusive listen to the pair's Hollywood studios recording session RZA & Tinashe

Inside the Dr Pepper Studio, which is located at one of the premiere studios in Hollywood, The RZA welcomes Tinashe to what has become his production lab for the night. After spending a short time getting to know each other, they jump into recording the track that will be a part of RZA's upcoming collaborative EP. RZA begins by playing a few beats to feel out Tinashe's sound until they decide on a song that is a bit more mellow compared to RZA's others. After a couple of passes, Tinashe jumps on the control room mic and begins humming to the beat. She passes through impressive vocal highs and lows to carve out a melody while RZA adds to the beat with his Yahama Motif XS. Shortly thereafter, Tinashe is listening back to the recorded scratch-track of her humming and penning her lyrics. It’s not long until she’s out in the vocal booth laying down her final take. The fast-rising Tinashe impressed RZA with her vocal range and expeditiousness in the studio in what was a notably smooth collaboration. Hear the results and read the pair's thoughts below:

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Hottest New Albums to Stream Now: Heavy Rotation Magazine Editors' Picks

1# Big K.R.I.T., 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time The fast-talking Southern MC explores his two sides – his public "Big K.R.I.T." side and his inner "Justin Scott" side – on this ambitious, lushly produced, guest-stuffed double album. Hear: Amazon Music Unlimited | Apple Music | SoundCloud Go | Spotify | Tidal

          2# DJ Muggs vs. Meyhem Lauren, Gems From The Equinox Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs teams up with Queens-born student of the old school Meyhem Lauren for this dusty, dank collabo. Hear: Amazon Music Unlimited | Apple Music | SoundCloud Go | Spotify | Tidal


          3# Weezer. Pacific Daydream Weezer’s steady exploration of sounds and ideas has been anchored to their enduring commitment to indelible pop tunes. That approach stands firm on a set of virally catchy songs that begins with the crunchy, metallic riffs of “mexican Fender, and ends on the hearty strumming and upbeat harmonies of “any friend of Diane’s.



Seattle rapper unveils latest single from forthcoming solo LP, ‘Gemini’

Macklemore and Kesha reminisce on their powerful new hip-hop ballad, "Good Old Days." The track will appear on Macklemore's upcoming solo album, Gemini. "Good Old Days" features stripped-down drums, piano and vocal loops. Macklemore vividly recounts everything from his early tours and dreams of stardom, to his homecoming dance regrets and struggles with substance abuse. Kesha delivers the song's potent hook over an isolated piano and buoys Macklemore throughout the third verse, adding an extra chill to lines like, "And I ain't worried about the wrinkles around my smile/ I've got some scars, I've been around/ I've thrown some pain, I've seen some things, but I'm here now." Hear Macklemore, Kesha Reminisce on Evocative New Song 'Good Old Days'


Sound On Sound Fest will welcome one of today’s most beloved and sought-after indie acts, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to close out the first day of the fest on Friday after a notable hiatus from live performances and recordings since 2013; alongside fellow Friday headliners Dinosaur Jr, who are performing “You’re Living All Over Me” in its entirety in celebration of the album’s 30th anniversary; and electronic synth pop band, Austra, both of whom will be helping to close out Day 1 at separate stages. Earlier in the day festival attendees will see performances from notable music acts like Pusha T, who is currently prepping the release of his newest album, King Push, for release later this year; along with additional day one artists like emo rock outfit, Taking Back Sunday; funk/soul/R&B singer Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, who will return to the festival after being forced to back out last year due to complications with stomach cancer; intergenerational death metal behemoth Cannib


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The Game – Heaven 4 A Gangster

The Game has been a face of the West Coast for years now. Since he came on the scene in the mid 2000’s, the rapper has made sure that he represented not only Compton but California as a whole. After all, Dr. Dre did play a major role in his success. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Compton rapper has released his new song “Heaven 4 A Gangster” on the day that marks 2Pac’s 21st death anniversary. The Game’s comes through with full aggression on “Heaven 4 a Gangster.” As someone with a few years and a few albums under his belt, The Game has made his way to an OG among the newer rappers. Game takes a moment on this song to address the current state of where hip hop music is compared to during his come-up. Over some booming production, he hones his inner Tupac to address what hip hop has come to and what the late legend may have thought about hip hop’s current climate.

A$AP Ferg – “Nasty (Who Dat)” ft. Migos

This week brings A$AP Ferg and Migos together for “Nasty (Who Dat).” The new release follows up last week’s jam-packed “East Coast” remix and preludes Ferg’s upcoming mixtape Still Striving, which drops next Friday. Listen to “Nasty (Who Dat)” below.



Theatrical Release Dates Friday, August 18th , 2017 In Los Angeles, CA at the Arclight Hollywood and Regal LA LIVE Stadium   Friday, August 25, 2017 In New York, NY at the Regal Union Square 14 In Anaheim, CA at the Edwards Anaheim Hills 14 In Berkeley, CA at the Landmark Shattuck Cinemas In San Francisco, CA at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission In San Diego, CA at the Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX In Washington DC at the Regal Majestic 20 & IMAX In Atlanta, GA at the Regal Atlantic Station  Stadium 16 & IMAX In Honolulu, HI at the Regal Theaters Dole Cannery Stadium 18 & IMAX In Las Vegas, NV at the Regal Village Square Stadium 18 In Portland, OR at the Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10 In Houston, TX at the Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 & RPX In Seattle, WA at the Regal Meridian 16 In Irvine, CA at the Edwards University Town Center 6 DOWNLOAD THE TRAILER  

Vocal Sensation Avery Wilson Releases Track And Music Video For “Song For You”

VOCAL SENSATION AVERY WILSON RELEASES TRACK AND MUSIC VIDEO FOR “SONG FOR YOU” CLICK HERE TO WATCH! 21 year old, Avery Wilson releases his soul-stirring new music video “Song For You” today. Click here to watch.  The moving cover written by Leon Russell is performed in the spirit of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You” and available now at all digital providers via RCA Records. Backed by the music industry’s heaviest hitters’ music icon and legend Clive Davis and super hit producer Sean Garrett, Wilson is set for stardom. Avery is currently in the studio working on his debut album.

Marlon James’s New Books Will Be a Game of Thrones-Inspired African Fantasy Trilogy

Very cool news for fans of Marlon James: the Man Booker-winning writer of A Brief History of Seven Killings and The Book of Night Women will publish three fantasy novels under the title The Dark Star Trilogy, inspired by Tolkien, Game of Thrones, and African folk tales and mythology. The first of these books, titled Black Leopard, Red Wolf, could be published as early as Fall 2018. The second and third installments are titled Moon Witch, Night Devil, and The Boy and the Dark Star. Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news, brings us the following official description via publisher Riverhead Books: Three characters — the Tracker, the Moon Witch, and the Boy — are locked in a dungeon in the castle of a dying king, awaiting torture and trial for the death of a child. They were three of eight mercenaries who had been hired to find the child; the search, expected to take two months, took nine years. In the end, five of the eight mercenaries, as well as the child, were dead.What happened? Where did their stories begin? And how did each story end? These are the questions Marlon James poses in the Dark Star Trilogy, three novels set amid African legend and his own fertile imagination – an African Game of Thrones. From royal intrigue to thrilling and dangerous voyages, and complete with pirates, queens, witches, shape-shifters and monsters, these novels are part fantasy, part myth and part detective story.

Drake Made a Surprise Appearance at Mad Decent Block Party in Brooklyn

4559-6-optimized_57a80dc3d3eae Drake’s been in New York for a few days now, completing a four-night run of his Summer Sixteen tour with Future (and at times stirring up a little beef with Funkmaster Flex). Last night, though, Drizzy stopped by the Mad Decent Block Party in Brooklyn to perform a quick set featuring tracks like “Jumpman,” “Back to Back,” and his DJ Khaled collab “For Free,” according to Press. Tonight (Monday) is his final Summer Sixteen tour date in New York at Madison Square Garden.

Joey Bada$$ - Devastated @joeyBADASS

joey-badass-devastated A mix of indie and street, rapper Joey Bada$$ rose to fame by releasing mixtapes and forming his own hip-hop collective, Pro Era. Born in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, Joey began performing under the name JayOhVee, but changed it to Joey Bada$$ before signing his Pro Era crew to the Cinematic Music label in 2012. It was the same year Joey made his solo debut with the mixtape 1999, which was followed in 2013 by the mixtape Summer Knights. Later that year he made his official debut when the Summer Knights EP landed, featuring four tracks from the mixtape of the same name. A Pro Era mixtape followed in early 2014, The Secc$ Tap.e, Vol. 2. The full-length B4.DA.$$ appeared in January 2015, filled with productions from the likes of Statik Selektah and DJ Premier alongside Pro Era's Kirk Knight and Chuck Strangers. Even more impressive, the album included a track where the Roots helped complete a lost beat from the late, great J. Dilla. ~ David Jeffries Joey Bada$$ - Devastated Disclaimer: This content may be protected by copyright law or other laws regarding intellectual property of the United States or other countries. Downloading Joey Bada$$ - DEVASTATED (CLEAN) mp3 on this site is just for review purpose. If you love the song, please support the artists by buying the original CD/Cassette or buying the song from iTunes.

[audio src="" /]  

Lil Durk on Why He's Chicago's 'Number One' Rapper

I'd have been trying to sound like somebody else," he tells in an interview. Lil-Durk-in-Da-Streets-VLog "No shade to the other artists in Chicago … but if you got confidence in yourself and you know you're Number One, say it," said Durk on his stature in Chicago's music scene. Durk's confidence is already impressing big names in rap like Jeezy, Young Thug and Yo Gotti, who collaborated on his upcoming EP Lil Durk 2X. "I wanted all good music, all turnt music, too," Durk said. "A lot of projects I do be all 'real' music. So I wanted to do something different and just get good vibes." Emerging performer explains why he switched 'Lil Durk X2' from mixtape to EP in exclusive video interview

Ghostface Killah Wrote a Song About Vaping, You Guys

Ghostface Killah, the purveyor of a line of vaping accouterment and an otherwise respectable rapper, has shared a new song that’s also an ad for his Dynamite Stix vape pen and Wu Goo CBD oil. Called “Starry Winters,” the track’s lyrics mostly consist of Ghostvape Killah boasting about the high quality of his vaporizer. Here’s a sample, courtesy of HotNewHipHop: The THC like it’s purple, I’m thankful passed around in circles, handed back to you by Erkel like how the fuck did Erkel get here? Pineapple, coconut, sample the golden puff USB charger, attach the battery, load the cartridge smoke five on a partridge the weed ayahuasca Dynamite Stix hit like a rasta ghostvape-killah-640x426             To summarize, vaping is the single least-cool thing a human being can possibly do and Ghostface should be ashamed. Watch this travesty unfold below.

Download Rick Ross’ New Two-Part Mixtape, ‘Renzel Remixes’

His proper album, 'Black Market,' drops next week rick-ross-renzel-remixes-640x640

                    Click Links to View & Download:     The Coolest, Cutest and Weirdest Costumes in Austin,Tx  2015 Halloween And Graffiti Park - with Heavy Rotation Magazine ( Images by Brooke Reid )Director Of Marketing. Austin, Texas is a city full of diverse cultures, and it hosts some of the most identifiable public photo backdrops. This town captured my heart in pictures long before I actually got out and experienced all it has to offer. Halloween And Graffiti Park3

Halloween And Graffiti Park2

Halloween And Graffiti Park4

Halloween And Graffiti Park9 Halloween And Graffiti Park8


  Halloween And Graffiti Park5 Halloween And Graffiti Park10



Exclusive Images by Heavy Rotation Magazine June,26 2015 Los Angeles, California Bet Experience was a tremendously exciting experience for music fans and entertainment tastemakers. The downtown L.A. convention center was the place to be this past weekend ( June 26 thru 28 2015 ). Thousands of people came out in support of their favorite artist & entertainers from around the country or internationally. Heavy Rotation Magazine is truly honored to cover  such a unique & entertaining event. The Bet experience 2015 is away for Bet to give back to the very fans that support the many programs that there networks provides to the communities. One of our favorite Bet events was BETX Stage ( Main Stage ) with performance sets LA TO THE BAY featuring Cypress Hill, Too Short, Casey Veggies & Iamsu. Another great BET set was Music Matters Presented by Janelle Mon’ae & Wondaland with her recording artist Deep Cotton, St.Beauty, Jidenna & Roman GianArthur. Heavy Rotation Magazine August 2015 Issue will feature exclusive Images from these performances courtesy of Bet Networks. Highlight & Recap Images/Footage will also be available on our website @ IG:@heavyrotationmagz





  BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A25 BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A24           BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A24 BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A6           BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A21 BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A12           BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A13 BET EXPERIENCE 2015 L.A16    



In Partnership with NOLA FOR LIFE and Walmart  New York, NY (May 27, 2015) – In commemoration of the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina, the 21st annual ESSENCE Festival will celebrate the beloved city of New Orleans with a dedicated ‘Day of Service’. On Thursday, July 2nd from 10:00am – 2:00pm, 1000 volunteers will team up with ESSENCE, NOLA FOR LIFE and Walmart to ‘Bring The Love’ to the community through a focus on achievement for local youth, promoting literacy and healthy living.   The ESSENCE Festival’s ‘Day of Service’ will include refurbishing local schools in the 9th Ward and New Orleans East, as well as mounting a community health fair and book drive.  The school restoration project will consist of painting projects and grounds beautification, while the Community Health Fair will provide screenings, vision & dental services and life coaching.   Supporters are encouraged to showcase their commitment by donating a new or gently-used book suitable for young-adults.   “With our inaugural ESSENCE Festival ‘Day of Service’, we are celebrating the resilience of New Orleans 10 years after the damaging effects of Hurricane Katrina,” said ESSENCE President Michelle Ebanks. “We are inviting all of our loyal Festival attendees, partners and friends to join our mission to ‘Bring the Love’ by giving back to our youth, supporting healthy lifestyles and encouraging a love of reading.”   “ESSENCE is once again proving its strong partnership with New Orleans and NOLA FOR LIFE as residents, visitors, volunteers, and community partners come together to improve the quality of life for our families and our children,” said Judy Reese Morse, Deputy Mayor of Citywide Initiatives for the City of New Orleans. “One of our major goals in NOLA FOR LIFE is ensuring that people are involved in their communities and see investments in all neighborhoods. This ESSENCE Festival ‘Day of Service’ will have a great impact in New Orleans East.”   ESSENCE and its ‘Day of Service’ partners NOLA FOR LIFE and Walmart will thank the first 1000 volunteers for their love and support by gifting them an exclusive ESSENCE #BringTheLove T-shirt. To sign up to volunteer and get transportation information, visit

Drake’s 2nd Annual Houston Appreciation Weekend Announces Celebrity

Charity Softball Game

(Houston, TX) – Drake returns to Houston Memorial Day Weekend to host his signature Houston Appreciation Weekend (HAW).  HAW is a weekend of charity driven events hosted by the Grammy Award Winning artist.  These events celebrate and honor his second home by assisting Houston non-profit organizations carry out their philanthropic missions within the community.  The centerpiece of this year’s charitable experience is a celebrity softball game, open to the public, benefiting the Houston Astros’ Urban Youth Academy.  Presented by his O.V.O imprint, the HAW Celebrity Softball game will take place Friday, May 22nd, at the University of Houston’s Cougar Field, gates open at 5:30PM. 11150706_10153145189952631_7294243243272949607_n Founded as a tribute to the city where he felt his career began, HAW serves as a vehicle for Drake to raise both awareness and money for multiple charities based in Greater Houston.  Last year’s inaugural event benefitted several local organizations handpicked by Drake including the Houston Food Bank, Interfaith Ministries, Keep Houston Beautiful, and the T.J. Ford Foundation.  “Drake has a deep passion for working with underprivileged, handicapped, and terminally ill youth,” explains HAW event coordinator DeRonica Horn, CEO of Last eMpressions Event Design.  “He has a long history of not only using his star power to benefit various organizations, but also dedicating his personal time and money to the benefit of children internationally,” Horn continues.  Most recently the philanthropist partnered with Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia to help rebuild their music department by donating a state of the art recording studio to the students. As with last year’s charity celebrity basketball game, that featured participation by Houston Rockets’ star James Harden, hip hop artist Kirko Bangz, and Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant, attendees can expect an array of surprise celebrity appearances.  To purchase tickets to attend the game visit

X NBA Basketball Star "Steve Francis" Gold Chain snatched.

The Sauce Experience: Drip Or Drown Tour * Houston,Tx Hundreds of kids came out in support of the new cult sound by H-Towns Sauce Twinz and the entire Sauce Movement. The event took place in the centrally located Warehouse Live downtown district. Hosted by 97.9 The Box & Radio Personality Kiotti, The Tour opened with Local acts Reggie B - Bleeda ( Preme Team ) RMG - Al Crocka & more. Sauce Walka performed briefly after Midnight, however the show was quickly interrupted by a stage fight, the malay appeared to have started by one of the performers crew members snatching ( X NBA Basketball Star ) Steve Francis Gold Chain. For More Info: Drip Or Drown Tour Heavy Rotation Magazine12 Drip Or Drown Tour Heavy Rotation Magazine20        

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Dr. Dre’s New Artist: Justin Night

The 23-year-old rapper is a native of Dallas, Texas, and he’s been in California since the summer, working with Dre. A new profile in D Magazine reveals that Justin Night, born Justin Mohrle, has been working steadily on his music over the past few years, but a connection with The D.O.C. is what opened up doors for him to link with Dre. Mohrle is described as “a natural songwriter,” whose talents have been enlisted to create Dr. Dre’s next masterpiece, and eventually we’ll hear his own solo work, closer to the end of 2015.Dr-Dre-Justin-Mohrle The D.O.C., who worked on The Chronic, Doggstyle and N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton, in addition to his solo work, saw something special in Mohrle. “JT and I worked on a couple songs; Dre fell in love with the songs; Dre stole the songs from the kid, because he wanted to put them out as a unit,” he told D Magazine. “That’s the way this house is rolling. We’re all putting our energy toward building another classic for the Good Doctor. Then he’s going to take his time to help us build a classic for the youngster.” Mohrle hasn’t been able to reveal many details about his upcoming project, except that he’s been working with BJ the Chicago Kid, King Mez and Gwen Stefani. He even ditched potential baseball scholarships to pursue music — initially at his family’s dismay — so he’s all in at this point.

 Houston’s 4th Annual Caribbean RumFest

August 16-17, 2014 @ Jones Plaza Caribbean music, cuisine and culture lovers, the 4th Annual Caribbean RumFest offers festival goers two days of tastings and samplings of the finest rum labels, premium cocktails and a stellar line-up of live music and Caribbean entertainment. The festival also features rousing activities such as rum-infused/Caribbean cooking demonstrations and cook-off contests, Bartender Flair Competition, Caribbean Rum History and a number of art and specialty product vendors. The 2014 RumFest has wonderful sponsors consisting of Island Sizzler Jamaican Rum Bar & Grill, Captain Morgan, Kingston Rum, GuajiroRum,RaileanTexasRum,Starbucks, MountainDew,CrownePlaza,Dave&Buster's, Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, Bud Light, Guinness, KBXX 97.9, KMJQ 102.1, KTSU 90.9, Houston Press, Pizza Hut, Max Home/New Bath, and American Laser SkinCare. Heavy Rotation Magazine would like to thank The Caribbean RumFest Staff for allowing us to cover such a wonderful summer Fest. “Yeah Mon” Full review will be featured in our September 2014 Issue online & Print.

Caribbean Rum Fest 2014 Houston15